Best Australian Keto Recipes

At the time of writing about the best Australian Keto recipes, Australia Day is just around the corner. 

This is a time that many Aussies are getting together with friends and/or family and having a barbie and a few family favourite recipes. 

So, this list of our best in Australia keto recipes might just come in handy. If you find yourself craving some of your old favourites then you may just find them here on the Mad Creations Hub.

There are many Australian recipes that could use a keto makeover, and I am just the person to do it,

I hope you enjoy our collection of recipes. Use the buttons below each image to click through to the recipes where you can follow the recipe or print for safe-keeping.

bowl of chilli beef.
Aussie Keto Chilli Beef
A spicy and delicious keto chilli beef recipe that you are going to love.
Check out this recipe
Sliced Devilled Sausages on a white plate with a knife on the plate.
Devilled Sausages
Incredible (low carb) homemade devilled sausages on the table in less than 30 minutes.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Vegemite & Cheese Keto Crackers
Vegemite and Cheese Keto Crackers
These Vegemite and Cheese Keto Crackers are amazingly tasty, easy and help satisfy any Vegemite and cheese cravings
Check out this recipe
Curried Sausages in a brown bowl with cauliflower mash.
Australian Curried Sausages
Bringing an old fashioned curried sausages into the new millennium. 
Check out this recipe
Mad Creation Keto Vegemite Scrolls
Keto Vegemite Cheese Scrolls
These Keto Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls are insanely good!
Check out this recipe
A black plate with minced beef and vegetables on it.
Australian Savoury Mince
The perfect healthy weeknight dinner ready in under 30 minutes! It's absolutely delicious!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Barbecue Shapes Keto Crackers
Keto Barbecue Shapes Crackers
One of the tastiest crackers.  These taste naughty!  Very naughty!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Anzac VIennetta Keto Ice Cream
Caramel Viennetta Keto Cheesecake
A delicious and pretty stunning Caramel Viennetta keto cheesecake recipe. Oh, and it is way easier than it looks.
Check out this recipe
Mash and meatballs with dark gravy on a plate with cutlery beside it on the placemat.
Easy Keto Gravy
The BEST keto gravy recipe. It is so simple and delicious! Using just 2 ingredients and low in carbs, but big on flavour!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Keto Iced Vovo Biscuit - sugar free recipe
Keto Iced Vovo Biscuit recipe
Iced vovos were a very popular “fancy” biscuit in my childhood and have stood the test of time and are still a popular biscuit today and very popular recipe to make at home. This is my sugar free keto version.
Check out this recipe
A sugar free keto pavlova on a white cake stand and topped with cream and passionfruit curd.
Sugar Free Keto Pavlova
An Australian Classic made sugar free keto Pavlova! Our most popular keto dessert recipe ever!
Check out this recipe
Keto Salmon Patties with Tom Yum Mayo on a white plate
Australian Salmon Patties
These are the EASIEST low carb Keto Salmon Patties you will make! Use fresh or canned salmon the choice is yours.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Cookies
Sugar Free Keto Anzac Biscuits
These sugar-free Keto Anzac Biscuits are so good. While we cannot enjoy the original in honour of our ANZACs we can make these to pay homage.
Check out this recipe
scrolls on a plate on a white table
Keto Cheese and Bacon Scrolls
My all time fave is keto cheese and bacon scrolls. These are so good you have to make sure you share 😂.
Keto Monte Carlo Cookies stacked in a pyramid shape
Homemade Monte Carlo Biscuits
Our Homemade Monte Carlo Biscuits are truly the best! These mini sugar free cookies will soon be your favourite too I am sure of that!
Check out this recipe
Four slices of zucchini slice stacked on top of each other on a sheet of baking paper.
Easy Zucchini Slice
With just a handful of budget-friendly ingredients, you can easily make this versatile meal in minutes.
Check out this recipe
Tuna mornay in a black cast iron pan on a tiled background.
Tuna Mornay
This easy tuna mornay recipe is a meal the whole family can enjoy every day of the week!
Check out this recipe
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