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No, you do not. All recipes come with conventional method instructions.

No. Some recipes are not suited to the Thermomix® or require no heating or chopping. We pride ourselves on delicious meals cooked in the best possible methods. If a recipe does not suit being cooked in a Thermomix® a recipe will not be created to use it.

Turn off and disconnect from power source. Leave the Thermomix® in the upright position. Do not turn it on its side or back. Mop up as much of the liquid as you can with a cloth or paper towel. Leave Thermomix® 24-48 hours to help dry completely. Contact Thermomix® Tech Support 1800 004 838 (9am – 5pm).

A Thermomix® is a machine that can replace many other machines (and steps) during cooking. It chops, mixes, steams, cooks, milling, kneading, and a host more. The Thermomix® also comes with a guided cooking function and the ability to connect to an international network of recipes with guided instructions to help even the most challenged home cook to be able to create delicious meals. The Thermomix® also comes with the ability to use (un-guided) and convert most of your family favourite recipes to be able to be cooked or made with this machine. As a cooking professional I find the Thermomix® the ultimate sous chef in the kitchen to help me create a little magic every time I use it.

We have a Master List for both all recipes on the website and contained in our cookbooks. It is available on our Facebook Group in files. The file can be downloaded here>> Once downloaded you can search via keyword for any recipe to find what you are looking for.

Please check your email All Mail inbox for an email from If you have not yet received please email me at the same address, with the details of your order. Often the reason is simply from a typo on your email at the point of purchase.

To download an eBook you simply, click a download button and save to your preferred device and/or folder or library.

To save to iBooks; after download has completed select the button on the top right of your screen with the box and arrow to save to iBooks. If iBooks is not available in the menu then you need to adjust your device settings.

Each eBook comes with 7 downloads in your purchase price.

An eBook is a digital book. You can view and use our cookbooks just like a book on any device of your choosing. If you prefer a printed copy, you can choose to print my eBooks for your personal use only.

No, you cannot share the eBooks via email, screenshot or digital media. All eBooks are protected by copyright, which means you cannot share without my consent.

Yes. eBooks can be printed for private use only.

eBooks can be saved to all devices. They are in PDF format so as long as you have a PDF reader you can view the eBooks. They can also be added to your iBooks library.

The cookbooks contain macros for most recipes. Usually including kCal, Net Carbs, Fat and Protein.

Most are however, not all. Until Australia and the rest of the world catch up with the low carb lifestyle some ingredients may be required to be purchased online or at specialty food and health stores.

Whey Protein Isolate is a form of high protein, protein powder. Due to the process of increasing the protein level, it tends to be more expensive than standard protein powders. I use it mostly in baking to help with the “crumb” structure in cakes and breads. I prefer to use Isopure unflavoured WPI in my protein bars due to its unsurpassed texture in my recipes. I recommend only substitutes of plant-based substitutes for those who cannot tolerate dairy. If using a protein concentrate this can affect the end result in baking.

Just to clarify Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate are NOT the same and you will NOT get the same result in cooking. WPI is made with the whey and WPC is made with curds. Please do not substitute one for the other as the recipe will not be the same.

There are so many low carb and keto suppliers to choose from. Use this link to find many of my recommended (and affiliate) suppliers and list of some of our most used specialty ingredients.

The website recipes do include Total Carbs in the Nutritional Panel, but also now includes a Net Carbs total at the very end of the panel.

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Absolutely not! No email addresses or subscribers’ details are passed onto other parties.

No. Some recipes (a small portion) of recipes on the site may contain gluten.

If you are interested in working with me, then please email me at I do not accept guest advertising bloggers.

All eBooks can be saved to ANY device in any country across the globe!

Once opened you will need to upload and save to your device. This eBook is of a limited 7 downloads that has no expiry.

  1. To save to an iPhone or similar >> once opened click the upload icon and save to iBooks.
  2. If books do not come up as an option>> click>>Open in Safari
  3. Then click more and you can scroll to books.

I do have all Mac and Apple products and have safely downloaded all of my eBooks to my devices.

For Android users the same applies except you can install and save to Google Play Books App and install.

The file size of Keto Loco is much larger than my previous books. It will require a good internet connection to download and a little patience. The eBook PDF will take a minute or two to open.

If your book is lost in transit you. should at first check your tracking number. If it states it was delivered and you do not have the parcel, then your firstly need to initiate a lost parcel with Australia Post. Once you have done that please send me an email to let me know this has been done.

Australia Post do have a time allowance to try and trace where your parcel has been delivered.

If you have selected a safe drop off and the parcel has been stolen than you will need to discuss that with Australia Post for any compensation as it is through no fault of Mad Creations. No compensation will be paid for us or free products and post if a “safe” drop was not safe at all.


Dave and I do everything we can to protect our parcels. Each book is firstly protected by a thick recycled thick cardboard jiffy bag. Then it is placed inside a waterproof and recyclable Australia Post Satchel Bag.

With the exception of Lunch Time Keto (we also add cardboard f shipping separately) our 3 cookbooks are very thick and sturdy and extremely hard to bend (as posties sometimes like to do).

Once our products are shipped, we take no responsibility for any damage caused by others as it is out of our control.

Australia Post do offer compensation to customers who feel their parcels have been damaged. Here is a link for more information. We advise that you take your packaging and receipt (or photograph them) to help with your claim. It is up to them to refund any or all your costs inclusive of shipping.

Over the past 3 years we have had less than 1% of our shipping incur considerable damage. We also ask that you do not post images of your damaged parcels on our social media as these cases are extremely rare and such images can affect our business and hard work we put in to attempting to send all our products safely.


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