Lose weight with a 4-Day Plan that WORKS!

This is a plan you don’t get bored with. Choose from 5* plans created for foodies who are time-poor but love great food! Enjoy delicious simple meals and kickstart your weight loss.

What is the Egg Fast 3.0?

We do egg fasts a lot differently here. Egg Fast 3.0 includes intermittent fasting, protein as your priority macro, adding meat and seafood; and only eating when you are hungry

55 recipes including vegetarian, “meaty”, pescatarian, and dairy-free options (where suited) plus 5 meal plans.

The recipes are easy to prepare, minimal meal prep dishes, quick to cook, and super tasty! Perfect if you hate spending loads of time preparing meals. 

Ready to change your life?

Eat simple, fresh + easy feel-good meals.

These are the types of things you struggle with

The recipes are all low-carb and easy to make. Use them as part of a plan or create your own. They are also perfect to enjoy as everyday low-carb meals.


Intermittent fasting is encouraged in Egg Fast 3.0. You can eat once or twice a day as you might already be used to, or you can eat 3 meals per day to suit your macros/needs.


MORE protein choices! Use our Macro Calculator to work out your individual needs for protein; protein is the only macro to check for this plan. Achieve your daily protein needs by adding extra beef, chicken, pork, salmon, or (extra) eggs to one meal daily.

The Egg Fast Crate eBook covers on a green background.

“Genius! So many amazing recipes!”

The hardest part is choosing which ones you can cram into a 4 day fast!


you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

The best part of the recipes and plan is that they are written by someone who not only lives this lifestyle and struggles with their weight.

I have lost over 10 kilograms in just 6 weeks following the plan for 4 days on and 3 days off. And I am still not bored with the meal choices.

I LOVE great-tasting food. I want my meals to not only look great but taste it too. This is the plan to follow when you HATE dieting or diet food!

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Egg Fast 3.0 – The Crackening

This book is for everyone who needs to overcome a weight loss plateau or needs to shake up their meal choices.

Whether you are experiencing a weight loss stall, feel stuck in a boring food rut, or feel you need to shake up your diet, this is the plan for you!

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

easy ingredients

Are they supermarket ingredients?

Yes, the basic ingredients of Egg Fast 3.0 ingredients are found in most local supermarkets. Some flavourings, protein powders, or preferred sweetener options may be online, but as a whole, you can follow this plan with supermarket-only ingredients. The main ingredients are fats (oil, ghee, butter), eggs, meat/seafood, cheese(s).


4-Day Meal Plan

The Egg Fast 3.0 is a 4-Day Meal Plan only.

There are several meal plans to choose from, including a bonus meal plan for those with all 3 Egg Fast eBooks. The meals can be swapped or replaced should an option not appeal to you.

The meals can be enjoyed as part of a 3-meals-day plan, intermittent fasting with 1-3 meals, or OMAD.


Have a Question or Two?

We get a lot of questions regarding how Egg Fast 3.0 is different. Here is a downloadable PDF to review some of our most asked questions. Alternatively, join our Facebook Group and use the search bar to see if your question has been asked and answered already.


Here is what our customers have to say

Egg Fast 3.0 eBook - The Crackening cover on a black ipad.
of happy customers


I have all 3 of the egg fast books, and this last is outstanding. There is not one recipe that I don’t want to try, the addition to the meal prep is so good for someone like me, and it just makes it easy. I love all my MAD Creation books, but I LOVE this latest Egg Fast book for a quick boost to my weight loss journey. I will also be incorporating some of the recipes into my weekly meals.
Maria P.
Verified customer

Best Egg Fast

Best Egg Fast book so far! I’ve done a few egg fasts; this is the first time I haven’t felt like I’m doing an EGG fast! I was able to do two fasts in 2 weeks! I love how easy everything is and how all the recipes can be halved or doubled. I have found recipes I am now adding to my regular meal plan – as I said, you don’t feel like you are on an EGG fast when you eat from this book!
Verified customer


OMG, the Be’Fast shake is amazing. I’m sure the rest will be equally delicious. I’m struggling for what I want to have in my next Egg fast as the photos make me want them all. Another great book, an easy format to read and fantastic presentation. LOVE IT!
Verified customer

1 lost 16 pounds!

I bought this over a week ago and lost an incredible 16 lb in 5 days. I have never had results like this. The books are beautiful (Megan you are a gifted photographer and author) and have ingredients I could buy at our local grocery store. I also loved that you had macros for the recipes and the meal prep in 3.0 to make things easier. I would recommend every one of the books to anyone who needs some new inspiration.
Verified customer
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  • 100+ Keto egg fast recipes + macros
  • immediate pdf download + full colour photos

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