Welcome! My name is Megan and I’m so grateful you’re here!

This is my space to share deliciously tasty recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Over the past 7 years, I have been creating low carb recipes for weight loss following a keto diet or low-carb lifestyle.

Since 2017, I have written 12 keto cookbooks and more than 40+ keto recipe eBooks. Two of my cookbooks have won awards at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards.

Keto Loco won The Best of The Best Cookbook Award in the specialty category in 2022. Keto Mojo won Best in Diet in 2023 in the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards also.

As an author of cookbooks and recipe developer for Mad Creations, I want to create easy, healthier choice recipes that you will love. To me, dieting or losing weight does not mean missing out on great-tasting food.

Like many of you, I know what it is like to struggle to be overweight. Since changing my lifestyle I have lost over 40 kilograms and feel so amazing!

Some of my favorite recipes

A bit about me

I am a full-time Australian low carb author and blogger. I, somehow found my niche in life through circumstance.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and weighed over 110 kg. I knew I had to change how I ate to lose weight and gain my health back.

This led me to the keto low carb diet, and my life changed immediately.

Growing up skinny and active, I was surprised when I began to gain weight. I went into early menopause at the age of 30 and from around that time, the weight gain continued until I was considered morbidly obese.

By the time I was 45, I was 110+ kg, had a fatty liver, insulin resistance, carpal tunnel, joint problems, psoriasis, dermatitis, problems with sleeping, and many, many more issues.

Simply changing to a diet low in carbohydrates helped me to lose 30 kilograms in just 5 months. This was back in 2018.

Over the preceding years, I continued to write low carb recipes and only consume low carb foods. However, with time, I had a problem with carb creep and overeating more than I needed. While I was still enjoying low carb foods I was just eating too much.

In 2023, I created a new prioritised protein meal plan, the Egg Fast 3.0 to help me lose weight. I lost a further 20 kilograms in 8 months following the EF3 meal plans and carb cycling every week. We have since had thousands in our community purchase the plans and follow our carb-cycling meal plans as part of our Fed Up Fast 4.0 lifestyle. Our new high protein, or what I like to call prioritising protein Fed Up Fast 4.0 meal plans, have just been launched to help us all maintain weight loss with a sustainable low-carb lifestyle.

I started my blog, Low Carb Mixers, in April 2017 and published my first two books, Real Food Real Fast and Flavour, in August 2017. Mad Creations® was “born” that year, and I knew I wanted to focus on sharing recipes and spreading the message of the benefits of a low carb diet through my recipes.

Since I was young, I have been creating my own original recipes. I began my career as a professional cook, creating recipes and preparing amazing food for award-winning restaurants, hotels and cafes for over 12 years.

I changed careers to sales, and business management, but my passion for creating amazing recipes and great food was always with me. I want to show you how easy it is to make healthy meals at home that taste great and don’t take a chef to prepare them.

What You’ll Find at Mad Creations

As a lifelong foodie who ALWAYS wants to create delicious, flavour-packed delicious recipes, I work hard to create the best keto recipes that are tastier healthier recipes the whole family will love! It is important to me to produce quality keto recipes and low carb meals that are simple to make, easy ingredients, and a little different to every other recipe developer.

I create my own recipes, test them and photograph them myself. I love creating beautiful food images that you first eat with your eyes first. I have learned a lot about food photography for cookbooks over the years.

As for the type of recipes you will find at Mad Creations.

  • Keto recipes – you will always find a huge range of healthy keto dishes here at Mad Creations®. I want every recipe to be enjoyed by the whole family whether they follow a keto diet or not.
  • Gluten-free recipes – the vast majority of all recipes I create are gluten free, grain free, and sugar-free.
  • Takeout fakeaway – we all love great takeout, right? Find great healthy takeout recipes that taste every bit restaurant-quality. You will find recipes and cuisine from around the globe. I have travelled and enjoyed many different cuisines and love to put my spin on everything from Italian recipes to North African delights.
  • Everyday ingredients – enjoy simple healthy keto meal ideas with ingredients from the supermarket.
  • Thermomix recipes – I love my Thermomix® and create all our recipes (where possible) to include Thermomix instructions. You do not need one to make our recipes, but we have included thermal cooking instructions for those that do.
  • Tried and tested recipes – We have over 30 recipe testers who independently test and review all recipes on Mad Creations Hub and our cookbooks.

About Dave

The other half of Mad Creations is my partner of 35 years, Dave Hunter.

Dave Hunter leaning up against an orange Mustang.

Dave is not only my partner in life and love, but he is also my best friend and the other half of MAD (Megan And Dave) Creations. You will often find Dave on our socials answering all of your questions and sharing our recipe links. He also gets especially excited when it is packing time for all of our paperback cookbooks.

We will continue to bring you the very best low-carb recipes we can. We are passionate about the low-carb lifestyle, and together, we love what we do. I hope you find lots of amazing recipes to enjoy right here at Mad Creations Hub.

We have worked tirelessly to create the best Australian keto recipes and, hopefully, one of the best keto recipes resources globally. It is our mission to always provide our users with deliciously simple recipes and ideas that they can make easily at home.

Useful Keto Tools and Help

You can start right now by calculating your dietary needs with our Macro Calculator, reading through our Getting Started tab, and printing off our 14-Day Free Keto Meal Plan.

I am so happy you have found our site and hope you enjoy all the recipes; meal plans or cookbooks.

Mad Creations has been featured in publications and websites such as; Diet Doctor, BuzzFeed, Punchfork, Womens Health Mag, My Body + Soul, The Health and Healing Coach, Atkins, to name a few.


Should you ever want to reach out to suggest a recipe, or have any questions, you can reach me at megan@madcreationshub.com.