Low Carb Bread Rolls on tray

These Low Carb Bread Rolls are magnificently just like the real thing but with only 2g net carbs per roll!

Honestly I am totally in love with these low carb rolls. They are super simple to make as well. Absolutely perfect for a low carb burger or a low carb salad roll. 

With only a few changes from our Low Carb Bread Recipe these rolls are so perfect. Amazing just with butter, a salad roll or crazy good burgers.

low carb bread roll with salad

low carb bread roll ingredients

Yes these rolls do use some specialty ingredients. For most Aussie’s Oat Fiber is only available from Elite Health Supplements or iHerb. These two places are at least the most affordable at least. 

Oat Fiber is NOT Oat Flour. No matter what your local health food shop tells you. Oat Fiber is made with the husk of the oat (the groat). It contains no carbohydrate and helps keep this keto bread recipe super low in carbs.

Vital Wheat Gluten flour contains wheat. This recipe is certainly not for those low carb or keto followers who do not consume grains. Gluten Flour is a low protein flour that is much lower carb than wheat flour. 

Flax meal. I use golden flax meal. Golden flaxseeds are best freshly milled for any low carb baking. Always store in the fridge or freezer after opening as flax can quickly go rancid.

Inulin is used as a sugar substitute for activating the yeast. Sugar or honey can be used in its place to activate the yeast. It should be noted that yeast will consume the carbs from sugar or honey if used. Inulin is prebiotic insoluble fibre sourced from plants. It has sweet properties naturally occurring and can be used to feed and activate yeast as well as be used in baking and sweets. Other sweeteners like xylitol and erythritol will not activate yeast. 

The yeast I use is just your standard dried yeast from most supermarkets.

Low Carb Bread Rolls on tray

tips on how to make the best rolls

  1. Activating the yeast. The water must be warm to activate yeast. Add the inulin or sugar/honey to help activate. Cover the bowl with cling film and/or a silicone mat and leave somewhere warm to activate. You will kknow when it is ready as the top will be thick and foamy.
  2. When combining ingredients never add the yeast and salt together. Salt kills yeast. If you follow the list of ingredients in order of the recipe you will be safe.
  3. Knead for a minimum of 5 minutes. The dough should be soft but not sticky. If the dough is too wet add a little more flaxmeal to help absorb the moisture. 
  4. The mix makes roughly 700g total mass. Cut into 10 x 70 g pieces and roll. Watch the video within the recipe for a simple rolling technique.
  5. Cover and place in a warm place to allow buns to double in size. Leave plenty of room on the baking tray for them to rise.
  6. Season. I season with a mix of nigella seeds, sesame seeds, celery salt and onion granules.
  7. Bake and cool on wire rack before slicing and serving.

Low Carb Bread Rolls on tray

alternative serving suggestions

These buns could be hollowed out and used for mini low carb cob loaves or soup in a bun. Use the soft dough in the centre for dipping. How yum does that sound?

Flavour with garlic and cheese for tasty garlic bread.

Make into hot dog buns for a tasty hotdog

Top with cheese and bacon for a tasty variation.

There are endless possibilities to enjoy these low carb keto buns to suit your own ketogenic or low carb lifestyle. 

low carb hot dog on black plate

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low carb bread roll on a plate filled with salad


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  1. Catia Camaroni

    Hi there, my son is allergic to nuts. Would I be able to replace the almond meal with coconut flour?

    1. Megan Mad Creations Hub

      Hi Catia, just swap the almond meal for golden flaxmeal and it will work perfectly.

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