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Keto Diet Planners and Trackers

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All of us can use some help sometimes with our tracking. These Keto Diet Planners and Trackers are perfect for helping to make positive changes and track our progress daily, weekly and monthly.

Recently I have just realised how many others like me would like to track their behaviours and progress on the ketogenic diet.

Dave and I recently started filling in our daily weight changes and ketones on a daily tracker on our fridge.

This is not exactly new to us to do this kind of thing, but it is the first time we have done it since changing to a low carb diet. If you are only starting out then start with the Keto Macro Calculator and our Getting Started tab.

Dave adds all of his exercise achieved as well. He has a goal for chin ups, weights (and abs) and walking each day and records his progress.

I am lazier but I know if he has added walking then I was there beside him anyway.

Me and chin ups don’t do well together and I am only hoping that one day I will add more exercise to my daily regime.

To have Dave’s abs would be amazing…. Can I get them without all the sweat though? Haha! I certainly doubt it!

Anyway, all of the above led me to creating our own printable trackers.

I thought that also many of you would appreciate the use of these too. Let’s go through each one and explain how you can use the keto diet planners and trackers best to suit you.


All links are done as a PNG.

To save or print on mobile device.

Open link

Hold finger down until Save Menu is visible.

Save as image.


To save or print on desktop

Open link

Click Control/Mouse Save Image 


Important Links

Keto Meal Planner

Now I doubt if there is many of you who have not used some kind of keto diet planner before.

I know some of you may have a chalk board or white board to plan, but here I am providing an option anyway.

Mad Creations Meal Planner

The Keto Meal Planner is formatted in a PNG for an A4 print copy. Simply use the link below to print a blank planner.

The plan above is just to give you an example of what to do. You can of course print any of our recipes to use with your planner as well.

Download your copy of the Keto Meal Planner

I have added a snack column at the end.

You may choose to add a snack or two, to the shopping list or an easy recipe, for the time you may need something eat when on the run or even while cooking or preparing your first meal of the day.

This is when I choose to eat snacks, as it then becomes more of the meal rather than another “meal” of sorts throughout the day.

Keto Monthly Tracker

The Keto Monthly Tracker has 31 days and 6 goal spaces for you to fill in. These are for your personal monthly goals.

Monthly goals could include anything like

  • Daily ketones
  • Daily weight (if you weigh in everyday)
  • Read for an hour
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Ring a friend or family member
  • Do something nice for someone
  • Treat myself
  • Early to bed or early to rise
Monthly Tracker document

You choose what you would like to track.

Above I have added an example of some good habits that you may like to implement and track throughout the month.

This could be used simply for one new habit to form, like regular exercise or movement, or for several new ones to start.

Download your copy of Monthly Habit Tracker

Over the past month I have really been focusing on extending my fasting time.

If this is something you want to track maybe instead of using a “tick” you could add the amount of hours that you fasted.

Look, these are only here for you should you need them.

I know everyone does not need trackers but I also know there are those of you who will truly benefit from using these trackers.

Keto Weekly Tracker

This is particularly great for those of you just starting the ketogenic diet and wanting to lose weight.

While I have left the Goal column blank I would use all of these for measurements. Rather than looking at the scales watch your measurements. Trust me the scales sometimes will not budge for weeks but those measurements will be changing.

It is the measurements and centimetres lost that buoyed my enthusiasm and mood every week when I started. I am sure many of my friends can remember me going on about how many centimetres were missing from my waist or thighs or total. Haha! It was and still is the highlight of all my weight loss.


Use this tracker how you want to. As you can see I have given you some examples to add for goals and how to to track. In each month column add up your total cm lost so you can see the amazing progress you are having.

Download your copy of the Weekly Health Tracker

I do hope these trackers help you.

Print and use them each week or month and keep them in sleeves in a folder to look back on and see your progress over the weeks, months and years.

As we often say keto is a lifestyle not a “diet”.

These trackers can be a map back to where you started and how far you go.

I have always found it inspiring to look at how far I have come.

Even using one of these trackers to show what “ailments” or health issues you have overcome along the way is also a real eye opener.

Personally my overall quality of life has improved so much since changing to the keto lifestyle.

I think I really need to update my list and the post, but hey you will get the idea.

Girl in fitness clothes

Meal Plans and Recipes

If you need meal plans, recipes, cookbooks and inspiration then you have come to the right place.

I am so inspired by the ketogenic lifestyle that I share all of recipes, and meal plans that I can with as many of you as I can.

Here are a list of some great links to our various plans, cookbooks, and the 365 Keto Club where you get a whole lot more and exclusive offers.

We offer easy to download plans and cookbooks, plus loads of free content on the website so that no one misses out.

Mad Creations Cookbooks

Get your copy of The Ultimate Keto for Beginners eBook for only $15.95

65+ keto recipes

21 day Meal Plan

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Keto the Basics explained

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Conventional and Thermomix® instructions (where suited)

Easy to follow instructions

Everyday ingredients found in your local supermarket

Get your copy of The Ultimate Beginners Meal Plan

The Ultimate Keto for Beginners eBook>>


Don’t forget to link up with Mad Creations on social media so you never miss a recipe.

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Keto Planners and Trackers Pinterest Banner


Below are the food lists to follow (or not follow) while following the keto diet.

Use the link below for a printable PDF to use.

If you are only just starting out either save this link to your phone, or print these out to have handy for your reference

Print the Food Lists

Food List Document
Keto food list documet
Keto food list documet

4 responses to “Keto Diet Planners and Trackers”

  1. Janice Mather says:

    Hi Megan.. I would like to do OMAD.. no breakfast, eat lunch and fast dinner.
    DO you have a commet? WE prefer our main memeal at lunch but i’m concerned that I won’tt cssumme the ccorrrect macros.

    • Megan Mad Creations Hub says:

      Hi Janice, macros do not need to be met each day they are basically just used as maximum. Of course with intermittent fasting, OMAD or long (days at a stretch) no macros are made but your body uses its own energy for fuel.

  2. Carolyn Cross says:

    Wow Megan. You work so hard and make life, and I am sure I speak for many, so much easier. Love and Light sent to you and Dave xxx

    • Megan Mad Creations Hub says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks so much. That is so sweet of you. If we can help anyone in the smallest of ways then it makes everything we do worthwhile. All the best to you and I do hope you find lots of good stuff on the site in the future too.

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