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The Keto Kickstart Meal Plan eBook is packed with 40+ incredible keto recipes to help keep you on track. Including a 21-day plan and recipes.

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The Keto Kickstart is the newest eBook Meal Plan by Megan Ellam.

Order yours today including all of the below OR join the 365 Club today (through the link provided) and get this plan as well 30+ more inclusive. Use the link to learn more.

This 21 Day e-Meal Plan is meant to be used in line with your macros and dietary needs.

✔︎ Choose to customise your meal plans with our planner to meet your daily macro needs

✔︎ Macros provided per serve for all recipes.

✔︎ Delicious new range of 40+ keto -friendly recipes with a 21-Day meal planner for those who need guidance.

✔︎ Shopping lists for each week. We have included both fresh produce and pantry shopping/check lists. 

✔︎ Use with our Macro Calculator to reach your daily goals and health targets.

✔︎ Conventional and Thermomix steps for all meals. Use conventional cooking methods with all recipes plus we have included steps so that you can use your Thermomix for keto recipes 

✔︎ Easy to source everyday supermarket ingredients so no ordering online!

✔︎ Quick and easy step by step cooking methods. We know that you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen to make your meals.

✔︎ No “cheffy” skills required. Get the kids to cook for you! Yes, the recipes are that easy!

✔︎ Easy to print PDF planners and meal plans. This eBook includes meal planners, habit tracker, goal tracker and food journal. 

✔︎ PDF format with easy to download and save to any devices worldwide. Save to the Cloud for easy use with all your devices connected to your Cloud.

✔︎ The eBook can be printed for personal use and bound.

✔︎ Bi-monthly challenges with the first kicking off in February 2021.

All recipe included full colour photography. Choose to print off all the keto recipes and keto meal plans separately or as one book to use when you need to refocus or just want to enjoy great food.

Megan Ellam has followed a keto lifestyle for nearly 4 years. Since starting a low carb lifestyle in early 2017 Megan lost 30kgs early on and knew she had to share with anyone that would listen just how great a keto lifestyle should be.

Megan does not just re-write all the usual keto recipes, but her real goal is to recreate all the foods you have known and loved into a keto meal.

Whether it is your most loved family meal or the amazing foods you have forgotten from your childhood that you never would have thought possible to be made keto.

Megan not only goes there, she makes them better than the original. If you have not already tried some of her amazing cookbooks including the IMMENSELY popular Keto Loco, then start here today with The Kickstart! You won’t be sorry. Join her and the community on Facebook and keep up with all the keto news and what Megan is creating for you this week.

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7 reviews for The Keto Kickstart Meal Plan eBook

  1. Deb (verified owner)

    Loving these recipes. Needed something to get me back on track. The recipes are very easy to follow and take little time. I would recommend this to anyone. Thankyou Megan.

  2. Michele Porter (verified owner)

    Wonderful way to get back on track – delicious

  3. Jo dowsett (verified owner)

    Easy and great recipes the pitta bread (wraps ) are a game changer

  4. Dale Hoffman (verified owner)

    Recipes everybody can make. Simple, fast, not many ingredients but they are easily available. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  5. Davima (verified owner)

    Easy to read and follow, great variety of recepies

  6. Trudy Yuginovich (verified owner)

    Loving the delicious recipes

  7. Lynda (verified owner)

    This 21 day meal plan ebook has the most easy and delicious recipes in it. We are currently doing the kickstart meal plans as a family and they are loving all the meals so far.
    I love that I know what is next on the meal plan and that it can be mixed and matched up with leftovers from previous meals .
    We will be enjoying these recipes as regular meals on our meal rotation.
    The cinnamon coconut cereal is awesome to have for breakfast. I can’t tell you when I last had cereal as they are all to high in carbs .
    Asian ramen slaw is another favourite and the pita pockets are just so versatile.
    The best part is everything is readily available at the supermarket.
    Once again another great collection of recipes in a beautiful ebook

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