Keto Kickstart Challenge | Easy Keto Meal Plan

I am so excited about The Keto Kickstart. This simple keto meal plan is going to be an amazing resource for all of us.

Every recipe has been created with easy to source supermarket keto ingredients. I know you all love to be able to access easy to find ingredients and have recipes that everyone will enjoy so that is what I have done.

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The Keto Kickstart Meal Plan

The Kickstart 21 Day Meal Plan eBook is available now in store. Meal plans are great but like a lot of plans in our life they go “to pot” if we do not have the accountability and/or support. So, that is why I have created a support group and ongoing bi-monthly challenge throughout 2021.

I really want this to be the most complete keto kickstart guide. In the book I could not possibly add all the material I felt you would need so here I am starting to connect the dots.

To see the full recipe index of The Keto Kickstart just use the link and you will see if the recipes and plan is for you. However, if the index does not motivate you that does not mean you cannot join our challenge.

Use the meal plans in the eBook along with our Macro Calculator to fit your personalised plan. Use the plan to the letter or use the recipes and adapt the plan to fit your needs.

Join our 365 Annual Membership to receive The Keto Kickstart eBook free with your membership.

Keto Meal Plans & Support
sample meal plan for 7 days
Week 1 sample plan

How do I Get the Kickstart eBook?

The Keto Kickstart 21-Day Challenge is available in our keto cookbook store. It is in PDF format and can be downloaded and saved to any device globally. Once saved to your device you can choose to print it and use the tracking lists and shopping lists each week. Plus, you can do a full copy, and have it bound if you prefer.

The Kickstart eBook and challenge are also FREE to all our 365 Annual Members. So, you can join our 365 VIP Group and get your copy free PLUS a host of other bonuses. You will also receive.

  • 500+ family friendly keto recipes
  • Up to 20% off all Mad Creations cookbook in our store
  • Supportive private Facebook group
  • 21 FREE eBooks incl. 21 weeks of Meal Plans to get you started
  • Advertising-free browser – cruise the website completely ad-free
Keto Meal Plans & Support

A 21 Day Challenge for Everyone

So, yeah you can choose any of the keto plans you wish and still be a part of our challenge. We have loads of resources to help you build your own plan and set you up for success.

Keto Cookbooks & Ebooks

How do I join the Kickstart Challenge?

First step is to join our FB group and the very first challenge will kick off January 4th. An ongoing schedule of supported challenges will be updated on the group from time to time.

What do I get as part of the Challenge?

In the challenge we will offering support with threads to check in on

  • movement – daily exercise or simple movement of any kind
  • self-care – skin care, hydrating and more
  • support – tracking and accountability
  • meal prep – prepare your kitchen, pantry and pre-prep meals ahead of time.
  • mindset – meditation, affirmations and support.

Mindset – Meditation and Change

Kristy Woods from Spells and Spirits will be sharing a weekly 10 minute meditation. These are a free meditation for all of our keto challenge group. We will post the each

a woman meditating on the shore line

Kristy Woods is a qualified Meditation teacher and Quantum Energy Healer.

For the past 10 years Kristy has studied and worked in various wellbeing fields such as meditation, quantum energy healing, chakra healing, intuitive healing. She also practices natural heath and holds a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and Humanistic Behaviours.

Here is a little from Kristy.

“As a healer, every modality I practice, I have studied and applied to my own being. This has given me a deep understanding of myself, emotions, repeating patterns, self-sabotaging. All of those obstacles that stand in the way of you being the absolute BEST version of yourself”.

No doubt 2020 may have been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Throughout the 21-day keto challenge (that I will be participating in), I will help alleviate a little bit of stress. Help you find more time for relaxation and peace and tap into the well of self-love”.

The practice of daily meditation has been scientifically proven to promote mental wellness by reducing stress, improving sleep and improved control of emotions, making us less reactive and more self-aware.

Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime.

Meditation is easy and not forced; it’s the conscious effort to be fully present in the moment – this can be 2 minutes in the car before you start work, it can be listening to a guided meditation for 5 minutes before bed.

During our Keto Kickstart challenge we will have a 10-minute meditation for each of the 3 weeks to be practiced daily.

Week 1 meditation will focus on relaxation and the practice of daily meditation.

Week 2 meditation will focus on releasing stress.

Week 3 meditation will focus on self-love and empowerment.

You can find more from Kristy and check out her website and store at Spells and Spirits.

keto kickstart on an ipad and iphone

Keto Diet Tracker and Accountability

The Kickstart eBook not only includes 3 x 7 day keto meal plans but also a blank meal planner and food journal. These have been added as I absolutely know that not all of you eat 3 meals a day. I don’t! Just one for us!

So you are able to use the food tracker or journal and the recipes within to create your own and track your macros.

Use the macro calculator to calculate your dietary needs to match your goals for the 21 day meal plan. Keep it simple. Use the protein as your main daily goal and only up to the suggested fat to feel full at satiated. Every macro does not need to be hit they are purely a guide, but protein is the main one to fill. Protein helps with muscle repair, hair, skin and nails. Fat is purely to keep you full for longer if required.

Stay off the booze, sweets and snacks during the 21 days if you can.

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Keto Meal Prep Tips

Keto meal prep is important for success in my opinion. Whether you are following my plan or your own if you have the chance to pre ahead of time do it.

We all lead busy lives. If you can squeeze in a few hours before you start a plan to prep that is awesome.

For the kickstart meal plan I would suggest making the following ahead of time.

  • Keto Pita (I would make a double or triple batch and refrigerate or freeze)
  • Cinnamon Coconut Cereal – it will keep for weeks so a single or double batch is perfect if you plan on having breakfast
  • Sushi Rice or Saffron Rice can be made ahead. Again, even doubled or tripled depending on how many you are expecting to feed.
  • Any of the dressings or marinades can also be made ahead.

I will be updating the Challenge group a few days out from the start and at the end of each week with what can be prepped ahead for the following week.

A woman in a blue top prepping food

Self Care – Take Care of Yourself

During each of our kick start challenges we are focusing on self-care and self-love. Too often we spend more time looking after others or working so hard we forget to look after ourselves.

Each month we will include useful tools, resources, local business promotions with great offers for you. e.g. Aussie all natural skin care specialists Embalm Skincare.

Embalm skincare offers all natural, cruelty free, vegan and toxin free skin care. Nurture your face and body with all natural products. Your body and senses will love you for it. Plus, as a member you can also save 15% off all Embalm products using the code MEGANELLAM at checkout.

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Movement and Exercise Check In

The Keto Kickstart eBook not only includes some habit trackers and journals but I have added as a bonus our Mini Tracker eBook completely free. If you are however using another plan, we do have some trackers as well as keto-approved food lists on The Hub.

Each day throughout the challenge we will have our fun Step Challenge. The Step Challenge is run by our own Mad Team Super-Mum Natusha Joy. Natusha has not only lost an incredible amount of weight but has her eye set on running a marathon soon so movement is key. The Step Challenge is all included on our Facebook Challenge Group.

We will also link up some inspiring videoing content and physical challenge lists for those of you a little more sporty than me 🤣.

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Get The Keto Kickstart Meal Plan eBook

The Meal Plans in the eBook can be used as closely or loosely if preferred. Most meals have been created for 2 meals with one to be served for a main and the other for leftovers or in another meal.

  • Please check each week’s meals.
  • How they are utilised. Are they a stand-alone meal or used for a lunch the following day?
  • Will the meals within the day hit your macros or leave you hungry? In that case look to increasing the protein. Eat only to satiety.
  • Shopping lists are provided. The shopping lists will need to be edited by you if you are increasing or reducing the protein, vegetable or dairy elements. Pantry items have been separated for your convenience.
  • No snacks, desserts, fat bombs or booze has been included in the plan. If you need any of these try to only snack during the eating window and calculate the macros into your plan. Alcohol does affect metabolism of foods and hinders weight loss. The kickstart plan is designed to kickstart ketosis and help you lose weight fast. Please try and give any alcoholic beverages a miss during the challenge.
  • For the 21 days you should try and eat within an eating window and include fasting. I would recommend having your last meal before 8pm and fasting until at least 8am if not 12 midday for a total of 16 hours. Eat within an 8-hour window for a 16:8 keto meal plan. These fasts can be extended for as long as you prefer or usually practice.
a clip board with a blank page on a blue background

The Keto Kickstart is designed with you in mind.

Every recipe has been created using supermarket ingredients only. We have included a host of dietary needs to include keto vegan recipes, keto vegetarian, keto paleo, dairy free, egg free, and nut free. Keto Thermomix recipe instructions have also been added for our thermi fans.

You will find so many details including the full index and dietary guide in store and a little sneak peek between the covers.

As always, every recipe has been tested many times by a team of passionate testers and their families. All the feedback is taken on board and recipes are adjusted, edited or completely re-written until they receive the tick of approval from all of our test team.

A big thank you to Lucy Dillon, Sue Kleidon, Rachel Wallis, Tammy Broad, Lynda Watters, Kristy Woods, Natusha Joy and Terri Kidd for not only testing the recipes but also all of your most invaluable feedback and attention to detail.

Keto Cookbooks & Ebooks

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  1. Nicole Masterson says:

    Hi Megan, I ordered and received the 21 day keto kickstart before the challenge was announced and I received it. Thank you so much 😊 I was wondering now that I’m going to join the challenge will you send me the mini tracker ebook free as well? I didn’t receive it with my order but I did receive the mini planner ebook… I’m also seriously looking at joining 365 🤩 if I need to purchase the tracker separately, that’s fine this is just a query…
    Thanks heaps for making switching to keto so much easier 😋 and so tasty! My husband and I really enjoyed your cauliflower Mac and cheese last night… delicious! Thanks again… 🧀

    • Megan Mad Creations Hub says:

      Hi Nicole, the planner/tracker is the same thing. If you go ahead and join the 365 before January 5th I will also give you a coupon for the value of the Kickstart to use on another purchase in the future too.

  2. Helen says:

    Having blown Keto out of the water for Xmas, I’m looking forward to restarting and kickstarting my weight-loss and getting back to optimum health following knee replacement at the beginning of December – this is what I need!!!

    Thanks Megan!!

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