Egg Fast 3.0 eBook – The Crackening

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Egg Fast 3.0 – The Crackening is THE BEST Egg Fast recipes and plan ever!

With over 50 recipes, 5 meal plans, and prioritized protein you are going to break stall or get into ketosis in style.

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Egg Fast 3.0 -The Crackening eBook is an egg fast unlike any other.

Shed weight, break stalls and get into ketosis fast with 5 meal plans and 50+ recipes. 

The plans are protein prioritized with optional 100g of lean meat protein (or more eggs). YES, this means you can add meat or seafood too.

The recipes are not overly “eggy”. The meal plans are easy to prepare and are restaurant-quality meals.


Egg Fast 3.0 includes

✔️50+ Keto egg fast recipes with macros included

✔️The recipes are easy to prepare, minimal meal prep dishes, quick to cook, and super tasty! This plan is designed for the cook who hates spending loads of time preparing meals. 

✔️ All recipes are gluten free, grain free, nut free, sugar free. There are 44/55 recipes that are either dairy free, easy to omit the dairy, or have dairy free options.

✔️easy to source “every day” keto ingredients

✔️conventional and thermal cooker instructions 

✔️Full colour photography with a stunning layout – 126 digital pages

✔️5 meal plans – (All meal plans are to be followed for only 4-days) Dairy Free Meal Plan, Shake & Bake Plan, Protein Boost Plan, 3.0 Meal Plan, + Bonus Mixed Dozen Plan*

✔️Learn more about how the egg fast can work for you

✔︎ immediate eBook download. No physical book available for this product

✔️ The eBook includes cheat sheets, printable plans, shopping lists, meal prep lists, lean protein choices, resource lists, recipes, macros, FAQs and more. The recipes have been tested by a team of 10 testers using conventional and thermal cooking methods.

*Please note all eBooks come with just 7 downloads. Upon receiving your email it is best to download and save to your devices immediately. This can be done in Google Docs, Google Library or iBooks. After you have loaded your files save the email to a special eBook Folder in your mailbox for safe-keeping. If you have any problems with loading your PDF please email me at By purchasing any of our eBooks you agree to abide by our privacy policy and respect our copyright. I, the author, consent to 1 copy to be printed by the customer for personal use only. eBooks may be updated from time to time. No responsibility is taken for any product previously printed by the customer for updates. Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds on our products. My eBooks contain original and unique recipes and are not to be shared in any way through links, screenshots, images etc. For the bonus meal plan you only have access to the recipes if you have all 3 eBooks in The Egg Crate.



78 reviews for Egg Fast 3.0 eBook – The Crackening

  1. Patricia

    The recipe for Crackenbread on page 110 is worth this book alone. I have a very hard time stopping at just a few pieces. It is that good. Don’t worry though, there are many more great recipes in this wonderful book, so you’ll have lots of favorites.

  2. Jennifer Kelly (verified owner)

    My first mad creations ebook purchase was a great place to start my keto journey. Love all the recipes and have since purchased 3.1 and the new book 4, all books compliment each other and gives me lots of choices to cook healthy low carb meals. Love the fasta and egg pasta recipes, I’m not a big fan of sweet foods but no bake cheesecake was a winner for Easter this year. Thanks Megan

  3. Lyn Barrett (verified owner)

    Loving the recipes. Every one so delicious. Great book, hints and advice..well done Mad Creations 👍

  4. Jenny (verified owner)

    Loving the new recipes in this book. All very easy and tasty. Beautiful photos and an easy to read layout. A great addition to my keto recipe library.

  5. Donna (verified owner)

    Great book. Easy recipes. Yummy food. Looking forward to weight loss success

  6. Megan (verified owner)

    Recipes are quick & easy yet very tasty and satisfying. Loving the EF3.0, very easy to stick to.

  7. Trudy Cartland (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving the EF3.0! So many recipes I have never tried before but are soooo delicious. Easy to prepare and even easier to eat. You’ve got to try this!

  8. France (verified owner)

    Loving all the recipes I tried so far!
    Simple recipes that are great for a 4-day egg fast but also make keeping to Keto regiment a lot easier!

  9. Kerri N (verified owner)

    I’ve been keto since 2017 and lost over 30KG originally. But, due to menopause and medicine weight gain, sonce 2021 I had gained 11kg back. Even following my “usual” keto diet wasn’t shifting this stubborn weight. Enter The Crackening and BOOM that stubborn weight has started to shift. I’ve lost 7.5 kilos in the first 2 month!!! I am moving steadily to my first goal of getting back to my 2019 weight.
    THEN I will keep going!
    Thank you Megan! <3

  10. Rhonda (verified owner)

    Loving it 😍

  11. Kristine Lynch

    So many fabulous recipes in this lovely EBook so looking forward to doing them, thanks so much loving it 😍

  12. Megan (verified owner)

    Loving the new recipes. Thank you!

  13. Helena (verified owner)

    Awesome recipes and very easy to follow.

  14. Kerri N (verified owner)

    I’m at a 4.6kg loss since starting the egg fasts at the beginning of April. I have not been able to SHIFT this menopause belly and medication weight gain for TWO YEARS. To have lost almost 5kg in 6 weeks is incredible for me! I am now only 6.4 kg from my 2019 weight (my first goal). THANK YOU for creating this new program. It is easy, it is delicious and it works!

  15. Trudy Yuginovich (verified owner)

    Looks interesting can’t wait to get back to keto after my IBS settles

  16. Jodie Janaway

    I purchased the egg crate about 4weeks ago & in particular the Egg Fast 3.0 has been a go to for me for most of my meals ever since. The crackening book is so well layed out with tantilising recipe picture’s, fool proof meal plans, tip’s on recipes, storage & shelf life info aswell as the macro breakdown. There is even easy to navigate links to work out your own macros to help create your own 3-4 day re-set meal plan. I’m having great results from following the plan so far & get excited to keep trying new recipes all the time. If you are unsure do yourself a favour & by the ebook, I promise you won’t regret it!!

  17. Natasha (verified owner)

    Beautiful food and easy to follow. It is very easy stay on track.

  18. Liane (verified owner)

    A++++++ Best keto book ever! The recipes are dead easy to make but I am actually looking forward to ever meal on this plan because each tastes amazing. Don’t think about it just order it. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and I only 5 more to go!

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