The Megg Fast 3.1 eBook

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The Megg Fast 3.1 eBook is an incredible life-changing meal plan with healthy low-carb customized meal plans and easy recipes that will simplify your days and support your weight loss goals.

With over 45 recipes, 5 meal plans, and prioritized protein you are going to break stall or get into ketosis in style.

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The Megg Fast 3.1 eBook is an incredible low-carb cyclical meal plan. Follow the recipes and meal plans for just 4-days each week to get into ketosis fast!

Shed weight, break stalls and get into ketosis fast with 5 meal plans and 45+ recipes. 

These meal plans are designed to be followed for just four days, during which you’ll dive into a very low-carb approach that will kickstart your body into ketosis. Whether you’re embracing a low-carb lifestyle, following a keto or ketovore diet, managing diabetes, or coeliac, or simply aiming to shed a few kilos/pounds, these plans are perfect for you.

All the calculations and calorie counting have been taken care of, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what matters most to you.


The Megg Fast 3.1 eBook

✔️45+ LOW CARB/HIGH PROTEIN recipes with macros included

✔️The recipes are easy to prepare, minimal meal prep dishes, freezer-friendly, portable (perfect for the lunch box), and can be all be made ahead.

✔️ All the recipes are gluten-free, nut-free, grain-free, sugar-free, low-carb, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly and dairy free options (36/46 recipes have dairy-free alternatives).

✔️easy to source “everyday” keto ingredients

✔️conventional and thermal cooker instructions 

✔️Full colour photography with a stunning layout – 130 digital pages

✔️5 meal plans – (All meal plans are to be followed for only 4-days)

✔︎ immediate eBook download. No physical book available for this product

✔️ The eBook includes cheat sheets, printable plans, shopping lists, meal prep lists, resource lists, recipes, macros, FAQ’S and more. 

*Please note all eBooks come with just 7 downloads. Upon receiving your email, download and save to your devices immediately. This can be done in Google Docs, Google Library or iBooks. After you have loaded your files save the email to a special eBook Folder in your mailbox for safe-keeping. If you have any problems loading your PDF please email me at By purchasing any of our eBooks you agree to abide by our privacy policy and respect our copyright. I, the author, consent to 1 copy to be printed by the customer for personal use only. eBooks may be updated from time to time. No responsibility is taken for any product previously printed by the customer for updates. Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds on our products. My eBooks contain original and unique recipes and are not to be shared in any way through links, screenshots, images etc. For the bonus meal plan you only have access to the recipes if you have all 4 eBooks in the Protein Pack Bundle.



31 reviews for The Megg Fast 3.1 eBook

  1. Vickie (verified owner)

    We are on week 3 of following 3.0 and 3.1 – the menu’s have been amazing, the results fantastic and there is no hardship whatsoever! We have previously done the Egg Fast 1.0 and 2.0 and enjoyed – but the 3.0 and 3.1 – takes Keto/Low carb to a whole other level. Thank you Megan for the time and effort you put into creating and testing these recipes and the well thought out books that make this possible for us to join you. Mad Creations is very much appreciated in our household!

  2. Helen (verified owner)

    I love Megan’s recipes in the EF3.1
    I also bought the EF3 E-Book and I find the recipes are easy to follow and make even though I’m not the kind of person who likes spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I read the e-books cover to cover and the FAQs are helpful. Thanks Megan for creating the Egg Fast series.

  3. Wanita (verified owner)

    Great book, will get plenty of use!!

  4. Jenny (verified owner)

    I love Megan’s recipes. Full of flavour and easy to make. These recipes make cooking (& eating) fun!

  5. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I am working my way through your latest book trying different recipes each week with the egg fast, but my hubby doesn’t like eggs so I work around that, thank for all hard work My husband and I are finding new favourites

  6. Jenne

    The recipes are quick and easy. Even the kids are loving them. I love the versatility of the plans but also the accountability the EF keeps me on for 4 days. I have lost 23kg in 19 weeks of using your EF3 plans and I think they are brilliant. After years of following LCHF I have found what works.

  7. Helen (verified owner)

    The worst thing about this book is that my non keto family is absolutely smashing ALL MY FOOD! I have made the majority of these recipes and they love them, as do I! Family friendly, fun and Yum!

  8. Tory (verified owner)

    Fabulous recipes, thanking you.

  9. Di

    Amazing recipes. Family friendly and so easy to make

  10. Kathie F (verified owner)

    Great super easy recipes. Thanks Megan for your commitment to your members in helping us all achieve our goals.

  11. Cheryl Webb (verified owner)

    I am working my way through your latest book trying different recipes each week with the egg fast. My husband and I are finding new favourites and will continue to use them even when not fasting.

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