Things stocked in a pantry

This list of keto pantry essentials not only includes many of the ingredients we use every week to create delicious keto meals it also includes many of my recipe favourites. 

Whether you cook from the website or from my keto cookbooks you will know that there are just a few ingredients that cannot be sourced from the local supermarket. So i just decided to list them all here for you.

I have several suppliers I use for the ingredients below. Some of which I am affiliated and many that I am not. In the interest of sharing local business as well as a couple of international suppliers that can save on the wallet. 

So, stock up now on your keto pantry essentials and be prepared to always have something you can make that is extremely tasty. 

My main suppliers are listed within many of the recipes and you can use the links below.

Keto Pantry Essentials

Aleppo Pepper

Grown in Syria and Turkey the Aleppo Pepper has a raisin fruity flavour, with a little bit of a spice kick to it.  I love to use this spice with soft cheeses like goat or feta cheese or season an omelette. Available in specialty food stores, spice marts or through Herbies.

Almond Meal/Almond Flour

Available in the supermarket but can also be made by milling skin on or blanched almonds in a food processor or Thermomix®. Used in a lot of baking almond meal is definitely on the keto pantry essentials list. (unless of course you cannot eat nuts)

Avalanche Drinking Chocolate

A sugar free drinking chocolate that is not as bitter as cacao or cocoa in recipes. It is available in most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Baking Powder

I recommend Lotus Baking Powder. The double action powder releases carbon dioxide when exposed to moisture and heat which causes dough or batter to rise. This brand is gluten free, vegan and aluminum free. The use of monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate creates a double acting leavening with no metallic aftertaste. Available in some supermarkets or health food shops.

Banana Extract

Banana flavour without the carbohydrates. The extract can be used to flavour cream cheese for cheesecake, custards, smoothies, or even in my delicious Keto Banana Bread. Found in specialty food stores, cake suppliers or iHerb.

Baking Soda

Baking soda or bi-carb soda are one and the same. Baking soda (aka bi-carb) is a pure leavening agent that when in the presence of moisture and acid (like lemon juice or yoghurt) will cause a chemical reaction and force the recipe to rise. Available in supermarkets although I prefer the Lotus brand available in Coles or iHerb. Megan’s most recommend keto pantry essentials staples!

Black Salt Flakes

Black Salt Flakes can be either salt that has been infused with charcoal or volcanic ash depending on where it is sourced. Personally I love it to add a “sexy” look to many of my dishes. It can be sourced through food specialty stores like Gourmet Grocer, or iHerb.

Black Sesame Seeds

Slightly more bitter in flavour than white sesame seeds these add delicious flavour and crunch to recipes. They can be sourced in the spice aisle in most supermarkets or found in Asian grocers.

Sweet and Sour Pork on a black plate

Black Tahini

Made from ground un-hulled black sesame seeds. Black tahini is a thick pungent flavoured paste. Regular tahini can be substituted within recipes. Black tahini is available in selected supermarkets or available online like Elite Health Supplements.

Black Vinegar/Chinkiang

Chinkiang or Black Vinegar is a malty ink coloured vinegar derived from rice. With the addition of malt in its ingredients list the product is not gluten free. For a substitute use coconut aminos mixed with a little apple cider vinegar. Chinkiang is used in marinades and also in dumpling dipping sauces.

Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter is the cold pressed natural fat of the cocoa bean. Used to make chocolate this is a rich source of plant-based fat and claims of loads of nutritional benefits. Used in many of my ice creams and baked goods you can substitute coconut oil but the flavour that the cacao butter infuses will be lost. Available in specialty food store as well as Keto Eats, Elite Health and Low Carb Emporium.

Cacao Powder

Made from the un-roasted cold pressed cocoa beans it is a raw food with super star status for health benefits. Cocoa powder may look the same but it has been roasted at super high temperatures. Cacao powder is available in most supermarkets and online health and low carb food suppliers.

Caramel Stevia

Caramel flavoured liquid stevia where a little goes a very long way. Available from health food shops or low carb food suppliers.

Caramel (Natural) Flavour 

I use a brand called Hoppers. This is a natural product that has a strong caramel flavour but without any stevia or artificial sweetener. Available online in cake supply stores or suppliers like Organic Feast.

Keto Pantry Essentials Chia in a pudding


Chia is part of the mint family. Translated chia means “oily”. These delicious crispy little seeds are a powerhouse of goodness. High in Omega 3 fats, rich in antioxidants and jam packed full of fibre. A versatile seed it is highly absorbent and can be used in dessert like chia pudding and in many delicious baked keto recipes. Available in the supermarket in both black and white. Chia should be in everyones keto pantry essentials shopping lists if you have not got this in your pantry.

Chia Flour

Chia flour is made from ground chia seeds. It has a nutty taste and when used in baking is highly absorbent. Chia flour is available in some supermarkets or can be made by grinding or milling chia seeds.

Chilli Garlic Sauce

Huy Fong Foods produce a delicious chilli garlic sauce without any sugar added. Sriracha or sambal oelek would be a good substitute. Available in selected supermarkets.

Chipotles in Adobo

A chipotle is a smoked and dried jalapeno, and adobo is a delicious smokey sauce. Available in most supermarkets (in the Mexican section).

Chipotle Chillies (dried)

A chipotle chilli is a smoked jalapéno or serrano chilli. With a rich earthy flavour and a little bit of kick I use this spice in many of my recipes. You can choose to omit or substitute with a favourite spice. Available in specialty spice and food stores or at iHerb.

Chipotle Powder

Chipotle Powder is made from milled dried chipotles. Available from selected fruit markets and food specialty stores (chipotle powder would easily be my favourite spice). Do not mistake Chipotle Seasoning for Chipotle Powder. While Chipotle Seasoning is found in Woolworths it is a blend and contains sugar.  

Coconut Aminos

Derived from the sap of the coconut tree. The sap is raw, very low glycemic and an abundant source of minerals and vitamins. Coconut aminos are available from specialty health stores and low carb suppliers.

Keto Sambal Prawns

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is the coconut equivalent to peanut butter. It is the flesh of the coconut blended until it forms a rich thick butter. Use in lots of baking, snacks and treats it adds a good amount of healthy fats. Available in supermarkets and specialty stores. You can substitute coconut oil, but the flavor will not be as rich.

Coconut Oil

So, coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of the coconut. Used for its many health properties in recipes and is also a great oil for frying as it has a very high smoke point. Available in most supermarkets, health stores and low carb suppliers. Used widely in the ketogenic diet and definitely a keto pantry essential.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are created by hydrolyzing gelatin until the protein is broken into small peptides of amino acids. Collagen peptides are soluble and highly digestible. Fabulous for vibrant skin. Collagen can be omitted from my recipes; they are included purely for a health boost. Available from health food and supplement store or online.

Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is tartaric acid. Used in baking it is readily found in supermarkets. You can substitute lemon juice in cooking for cream of tartar. For every 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar in the recipe, use 1 teaspoon lemon juice or white vinegar.


Dashi is a Japanese stock that can be found in both liquid and dried powders in Asian food markets, specialty food stores and online. Possible substitutions include (depending on the recipe) a salty seasoning or broth with added fish sauce or salt to replace the saltiness of the dashi.

Dried Forest Mushrooms

Many variations of dried mushrooms are available in supermarkets and good vegetable markets. If you cannot find any, please just substitute for fresh mixed mushrooms if you can.

Mad Creations Creamy Bacon & Mushroom Keto Pasta

Edamame Noodles

The Edamame noodles/pasta I use is the Slendier brand. Unlike other edamame pasta this one is only made from the edamame flour and water is very low carb (2g per serve). Available from health stores and low carb suppliers. Please be careful if buying another brand as many contain wheat flour and are high carbohydrate.

Edible Flowers

I recommend Mitea Australia Organic Edible Culinary Flowers. A stunning mix of organic dried marigold petals, cornflower buds and pink rose petals. Perfect for cakes, cereals, seed bars, cocktails and more. Available at

Egg White Powder

Made from dehydrated egg whites, egg white powder provides stability in baked goods without adding carbs. Available in specialty stores like Essential Ingredients or the Paleo brand found at

Electrolyte Drinks/additives

Electrolyte drinks and additives are rich in potassium and sodium.  These help your body absorb the water more quickly. These electrolytes are helpful in preventing dehydration, so they’re especially useful during and after intense workouts. Adding electrolytes to your ketogenic diet is a great way to ensure you have adequate potassium and sodium to help combat cramps, muscle fatigue and irregular heart rate. Electrolytes can be found in most supermarkets as well as all my listed suppliers. I am currently enjoying the Ultimate brand.

Fenugreek Leaves

Commonly used in Indian cooking the fenugreek leaves impart a delicious anise-like flavour to curry and sauces. Found in most specialty spice stores, Asian markets and online, this is one ingredient I always ensure I have in my pantry staples.


Flaxseed, or linseed is used in several recipes in Keto Eats. High in protein, fibre, and fats they also offer a rich source of magnesium, thiamine, potassium and phosphorus. Found in select supermarkets and health food shops. Store in the fridge to avoid flaxseeds going rancid.

Freeze-dried Raspberries

Freeze drying is a different kind of drying to dehydrating. Fruits placed in a vacuum state in a frozen environment lose the water volume but become crispy and dry as a result. Freeze-dried berries go along way in baking as the flavour is very concentrated. Available from iHerb and select specialty stores.

Garlic and Ginger Sauce

Huy Fong Foods produce a delicious chilli garlic sauce without any sugar added. Sriracha or sambal oelek would be a good substitute. Available in selected supermarkets.


Derived from collagen taken from animal body parts. Also known as hydrolyzed collagen, collagen hydrolysate, hydrolyzed gelatine, and collagen peptides. I prefer to use Great Lakes Grass Fed Gelatin. Available at iHerb

Guajillo – pronounced gwah-hee-yoh

The guajillo chilli is a dried Mirasol chilli. Long and smooth skinned it is the second most used ingredient in Mexican cooking. It is not used for spicy properties but moreso a sweet smokey “raisin-y” kind of flavour. Found in Mexican specialty stores, food specialty stores and online. This is also one of my most favoured ingredients of all time.

Guar Gum

Guar gum and xanthan gum are there any
differences? Both can be used as thickeners and binders as a gluten free alternative. Guar gum is better used in cold products like ice cream. Xanthan is better used in hot or baked goods. If substituting guar gum in a recipe that uses xanthan, double the quantity. Available in select supermarkets, health food shops or online.

Hemp Flour

Hemp flour is made from ground up hemp seeds and is rich in healthy fats, magnesium, fibre, and protein. Very green in colour and with an earthy flavour can be used in any keto bread recipes, and baking. Found in most supermarkets and health specialty stores. It is nut free, gluten free and grain free flour.

Hemp Seeds

Full of healthy fats, protein and rich in both omega-3 and omega-6. Hemp seeds are great for everything from bars, protein balls, bread, cereals and more. Available in most supermarkets. As far as my keto pantry essentials go I always make sure I have a heap of hemp seeds. Have you ever made my Hemp Share Bread? You will know why I love these seeds so much!


Inulin can be used in cooking to replace flour, fat and sugar! It has a mild flavour so lends itself to many types of dishes. It is about 10 times less sweet than sugar. Being an oligosaccharide it contains 25-35% sugar and starches similar to grain-based flours. This allows it to absorb water and thicken recipes. Can be found at iHerb or

Konjac Noodles

Made from konjak a root vegetable. Konjac noodles are low carb and low calorie. Available in most supermarkets.

Licorice Extract

Licorice extract is from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. It has a strong liquorice flavour that is amazing in cooking and desserts. It is also good for the digestive system complaints including stomach ulcers, heartburn, colic, and ongoing inflammation of the lining of the stomach. I source it from iHerb and it is also available from cake supply stores. Be careful when buying as some are not true extracts and may contain sugar.


Lemongrass is a herb that is zesty and citrus in flavour. To use slice off just above the white part at the root of the stalk, discard the top section. Remove the hard outer leaves at the base and pound with a rolling pin or mortar and pestle to break down and release the oils. Available in the fresh vegetable section of most supermarkets. I find the tube of minced lemongrass very handy in the fridge.

Lemongrass Paste

Available fresh or in a tube in the vegetable section of most supermarkets. I find the tube of minced lemongrass very handy in the fridge.

Lupin Flour

Lupin Flour is a gluten free flour that is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is a great alternative to plain flour and is suitable for a coeliac gluten free lifestyle. Made from the lupin bean, a legume, I love this flour for baking as it gives great “bite” and structure to baked goods. Please do not consume if you have a peanut allergy or are anaphylactic. Available at Elite Health Supplements, health food stores and online.

Macadamia Milk

A dairy free milk made with macadamias. Macadamia milk is very low carb and is perfect for cooking, baking, shakes, or in your tea and coffee. I purchase from Coles supermarkets, but it can be made by milling fresh macadamias in a blender or Thermomix® and strained using a nut bag.

Micellar Casein Powder

Micellar Casein is a protein powder that is made up from the curds in dairy. Both whey and casein come from milk, The whey makes up about 20% of the total protein, and casein (the curds) the remaining 80%. Using micellar casein and in baked goods helps to develop bread/gluten like texture. It cannot be substituted for whey in the bread. Micellar Casein is available in store at iHerb or


Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fat found in coconut and palm oil. MCTs are tasteless and perfect to add
to your meals. MCT is absorbed through the gut and into the bloodstream and liver where they convert to ketone bodies. Claimed to help to get the body into ketosis and help with weight management. Found in select supermarkets, health and supplement stores.

Nigella Seeds

Nigella seeds (also Kalonji) are a seed from the Nigella Sativa plant. These little black seeds are slightly bitter, herby and onion-like in flavour. Nigella seeds have a host of health benefits and are often claimed to heal everything, but death. Available in Asian market stores, spice stores and online. Personally, I don’t believe anything tastes nearly the same as these delightful seeds. Find a supplier and order a couple of bags. FYI black sesame seeds are not the same at all.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that can be used in a lot of baking and salads. It has a slight cheesy flavour and is high in Vitamin B. Source from health stores, supermarkets and good food stores.

Oat Fibre

Oat fibre is made with the groats (the shell around an oat). It is zero calorie and zero carb (due to its high fibre content). For the bread recipes, I have no known substitutes. Available online at iHerb.

Oven Temperatures

I use a Smeg Victoria wall oven. All recipes were tested us- ing fan forced oven temperatures, although I have cooked the loaves of bread in both fan forced and static oven at exactly the same temperature and cooking time, with no difference in loaf.

Psyllium Husks

Both psyllium husk and psyllium husk powder work well in providing elasticity and binding in baking. A rich source of fibre. Found in select supermarkets, health and supplement stores or online.

Sugar-Free Chocolate

I use well naturally from Coles/Woolworth. Low in carbs, sweetened with erythritol (for a no xylitol household) and high protein.

Sugar-Free Ketchup/Tomato Sauce

Fountain has a sugar-free ketchup available in Coles/Woolworths or there are sevral brands available at online stores like,,

Sugar-Free Jam

Sugar free jams are awesome to use in sauces that require stickiness and sweetness. I buy from both the supermarket and the suppliers listed.

Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Sugar free maple syrup is another great basic keto pantry essential product. Perfect for sauces, toppings, and flavour it is very versatile. I buy from my list of suppliers above.

Sukrin Sweeteners

Sukrin sweeteners provide a low carb replacement for sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, golden syrup, honey or glucose syrup. Behaving very similar in recipes to their sugar equivalents Sukrin products have made it easy to make low carb sweet treats. For all nutritional information please
Check out all the Sukrin products available


In each recipe, I have just mentioned sweetener rather than a specific kind. It is my recommendation to choose natural sweeteners that are low in carbohydrates and toxicity for animals (if you have furry family like I do). In most recipes, I use erythritol-based sweeteners.

Tajin Spice

A tangy chilli and lime seasoning that is amazing. I would have done a recipe, but I don’t know how many of you have access to lime powder or are willing to dehydrate it. A suitable substitute would be lemon pepper. Available online or at Dan Murphys.

sweet chilli on a spoon

Tamari – gluten free

A fermented soy sauce without wheat or gluten. For a non-soy product choose coconut aminos.


A Thermomix is a thermal cooker and mixer produced
by Vorwerk. A popular kitchen machine that has endless cooking applications. The recipes included in this book have been tested in the TM5 model by myself, and some with the TM31. In no way am I or Mad Creations® sponsored by Vorwerk or Thermomix®.

Tomato Powder

A delicious seasoning used in my crackers or for pizza and meat seasoning. Tomato Powder can be purchased from specialty spice stores and/or Herbies. You can also dehydrate your own tomatoes and mill into tomato powder.

Mad Creations Vanilla Nougat Protein Bars #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree #portrait

Whey Protein Isolate and Pea Protein Isolate

Whey protein is a protein supplement created from sepa- rating components from whey. Pea Protein is made from dried peas with starch and fibre removed. Both isolates are low in carbs and are great for muscle repair, heart health, weight loss and regulating blood sugar. They also work fabulously in baked goods and are beneficial in cre- ating the perfect crumb for pastry and cakes. Available in supermarkets, health and supplement stores. I use Isopure Whey Protein Isolate and Tony Sfeirs Naturel Pea Protein from

Vanilla Extract

Made from infusing vailla beans in alcohol vanilla extract is a keto pantry essential in my eyes. I use it in so many recipes. Make your own at home or purchase from the supermarket. Please not vanilla essence is not the same and a vanilla paste can contain sugar if purchased commercially.

Vital Wheat or Gluten Flour

Is the wheat gluten (all the protein in the flour). While high protein it is low carb and low starch. Used in baking it creates gluten like structure and gives bread a “real” bread consistency. Available through iHerb or Elite Health Supplements as Gluten Flour.

Vitawerx Chocolates

Found in most low carb suppliers listed within this glossary. Vitawerx chocolates are low in carb but do contain birch xylitol so do be careful around your furry little friends, as it is toxic to dogs.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum and guar gum are there any differences? Both can be used as thickeners and binders as a gluten free alternative. Guar gum is better used in cold products like ice cream. Xanthan is better used in hot or baked goods. If substituting guar gum in a recipe that uses xanthan, double the quantity. Available in select supermarkets, health food shops or online.


Yeast is used as a rising agent in some low carb baking recipes. It is available in the baking aisle in most supermarkets in either a canister or sachet boxes (individual serves)

Za’atar Seasoning

Za’atar is a middle eastern spice blend that is available in some supermarkets.  It’s also a featured recipe on the website so you can make your own. 

Things stocked in a pantry

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