Mad Creations Chicken Avocado Almond Salad

This Chicken Avocado Almond Salad made every week day for many years, in a cafe I ran many many years ago.  

It was the Chicken No 3 on the menu board and was VERY popular!

The only changes I have made is ensure that I use a sugar free mayo, or make my own for the dressing.


Included in our up coming meal plans in 365, this a recipe that takes no time to make at all.  I am definitely one for not having to spend too much time on anything we make in the kitchen.  I think we can all appreciate spending less time at food prep that is for sure.  If you are a fan of my Baja Chicken then this will probably be a new favourite for you.

This cold weather we are having at the moment makes me feel less like eating salads than at any other time of the year.  Preparing a salad with some fresh baked protein helps to get the greens in and strike a bit of a balance.  I have been making so many soups lately that this meal is a nice break and has actually inspired me to get back into some more salads.

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I hope you love this recipe.  Trust me back in the day, it was a massive seller!




Mad Creations Chicken Avocado Almond Salad


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Mad Creations Chicken Avocado Almond Salad

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2 responses to “Chicken Avocado Almond Salad”

  1. Margaret T

    Love this salad! Have to leave out the smoked paprika as hubby doesn’t like it but it is still delicious!

  2. Tania M

    5 stars
    This is one of the best salads for taste and satisfaction! My husband likes to eat and he really really loved this one!
    Will be on our favs list!

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