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Never worry about What To Eat for dinner again

EVERY 365 recipe is given a lot of love and testing, to bring the very best recipes to help you lose weight, gain inner-health, and feel AMAZING every day!


Nourish your mind, body and soul with recipes that are gluten free, grain free, sugar free and diabetic-friendly.

EASY TO Prepare

Simplify your life with delicious meals that are easy to prepare plus meal plans with dishes you will look forward to.

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Every recipe is created to taste even better than the non-keto version, so you never feel like you're missing out!


With a mobile friendly program you can find recipes, information and support every day no matter where you are!
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This is Why I do what I do!


Delicious recipes, suitable for keto,
gluten-free & Low carb dieters of any age

Easy recipes that everyone can create using simple, real food ingredients.

Why Do I make these Keto recipe plans?

Hello and welcome to 365!

I know exactly how it feels to be uncomfortably overweight and not to be the person you really want to be. Through losing over 30 kilograms following a ketogenic lifestyle I want to share my AMAZING recipes that will not only excite you but your family and friends as well!

Every recipe in the 365 program is designed to make you feel like you are NEVER missing out! Each meal is prepared to be seemingly like meals cooked in every kitchen the world over!

Meal plans are provided for your convenience along with a GROWING range of ketogenic recipes that even the kids will love!

Join us today and a very supportive community of 365’ers and enjoy a lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the recipes low carb in members club?
Yes they are. All recipes have macros displayed and suit a ketogenic lifestyle.
Is nutritional information available for the recipes
Yes. Recipes will include macros as a guide, for your easy tracking.
Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?
With both levels of membership you can cancel at any time. When cancelling membership, your membership will not auto renew. There will be no refunds for cancelling membership.
Do I need a Thermomix?
No. All recipes include both Thermomix® and conventional methods. (If certain recipes do not require cooking or are not suited to a Thermomix® instructions will not be included.)
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes. However, no refunds will be given. For annual membership your access will continue throughout the year but will not renew, for monthly membership it will not review after the month you cancel.
Do I get support?
You will receive the opportunity to join a closed members FB group for ongoing support through Megan and like-minded individuals
Are the recipes gluten, grain & sugar free?
Yes, they are.
Is it mobile friendly?
Yes, all the Members Club features will work on mobile devices.
Do I get all of the cookbooks available in the store with my membership?
No. The eBooks included with the membership are exclusive to 365 members and not available in the store. All annual members receive bonus offers and discounts up to 20% on cookbooks and eBooks.
Was Keto Mojo free if I am an existing member?
No, you do not. This offer is a limited offer from December 3rd - December 31st 2021. Existing members and auto-renewal do NOT qualify for this offer.

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