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Weeknight Chicken Dinners | Keto recipes

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It seems weeknight chicken dinners are a big favourite among the Mad Creations tribe. Whenever I ask you for recipe suggestions or your favourite meals it seems that chicken reigns supreme in many keto households.

Personally I love a the versatility of chicken and its ability to soak up flavours and be used across so many different cultures to create fabulous meals.

Chicken is great for everything from a soup, fry up, curry, poaching, salad, or my favourite Mexican weeknight chicken dinners.

Here is but a few of the many chicken recipes I have written over the past year or more. I hope you can find some great recipes to include in your meal plans for any time of the week.

Happy cooking.

xo Meg

Mad Creations Keto Chicken Pot Pie Soup in 2 hands with blue background

This keto Chicken Pot Pie Soup is full of simple ingredients that deliver huge on flavour. An easy quick recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

I just love soup. What I love most is that you can easily make a meal out of very few ingredients or leftovers that need to be used up in the fridge. <<click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Best Ever Keto Chicken Enchilada #glutenfree #sugarfree #keto

Well you voted for the recipe of the Best Ever Keto Chicken Enchiladas and you got it! This is simple and bloody delicious!

Keto Chicken Enchiladas really aren’t that hard to come up with a recipe that would be a) keto and b)tasty. This recipe though really does deliver.. hence the title Best Ever Keto Enchiladas lol. << click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Keto Butter Chicken

So I finally decided it was time to create my version of a keto Butter Chicken. I have tried my share of Butter Chicken in the past and felt that most could do with a little bit more intense flavour and real lurve….

When I undertake a recipe that is steeped in tradition, and that also has such a huge cult following I do my research first, test a few others and then I blend my own style of cooking with the best flavours from the techniques of many traditionalists. A keto Butter Chicken wasn’t too hard to do, as really the original recipe isn’t too far from it anyway. << click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Garlic Chicken Thighs in frypan

The very delicious, very easy Garlic Chicken Thighs recipe, is one my all time favourites and soon will become yours too.

Chicken thigh recipes are totally my thing! I think it’s funny that chicken is often considered a dud meal on a restaurant menu, yet in my kitchen chicken is often a star and these garlic chicken thighs are no exception. << click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Keto Gyros

These Mad Creations Keto Lemon Garlic Chicken Gyros are great you are craving a little takeaway meal, then get yourself making this little beauty.  

Gyros are so tasty, and this version does not disappoint.

<< click below to read more and view the recipe>>

bowl of korma on green background

A simple chicken korma that delivers a beautiful mouthful of fresh flavours with every spoonful.

I love my little twists on traditional Indian recipes.  I think playing with the gravy’s balance on spice, heat and creaminess gives me a different kind of curry each time, and I just love them all.

<< click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Creamy Tuscan Lasagne #week2mealplan #ketodiet #lasagne

This Creamy Tuscan Keto Chicken Lasagne is simply divine! Sauteed mushrooms, shredded chicken breast, a hint of sun dried tomatoes and fresh herbs…. what is not to love?

It is starting to get a little colder here in Thornton, so some comfort meals are in order for sure.  It feels like it has been so long since its been cold.  The weather has been so crazy here for so long.  So hot!  So it was a nice change to whip up this recipe and enjoy something a little more hearty.

Chicken Milanese on black plate with rocket

Chicken Milanese a favourite meal of many, with a nut free keto twist. I aim to please and this is one recipe that will have the whole family asking for more!

If you are wondering what the difference is between a Chicken Milanese and a Chicken Schnitzel, the answer is…. parmesan. A chicken schnitzel recipe is traditionally done just with breadcrumbs. In this chicken Milanese recipe I have not only used parmesan but also used one of my all-time favourite ingredients golden flax seeds/meal. Click below to read more>>

Mad Creations Creamy Lemon Keto Chicken Piccata

This Creamy Keto Lemon Chicken Piccata was the very first recipe I knew I was going to include in the very first Keto meal plan.

Can I just say this lemon chicken piccata is pretty easy to make, and taste oh-so-amazing!  You will not believe how much flavour this recipe packs until you make it and want to dive in there.

Fried Chicken and an egg

Starting out on this Keto lifestyle, has truly opened up some different ways of thinking and cooking for me. Usually I am looking at ways to remove unnecessary fats, and cook by a method that is “healthier” than frying etc. well now that has changed, and hello frying!  Hello Duck Fat Keto Fried Chicken!

Oh an a bigger hello to Duck Fat! Boy does it add flavour!

Mad Creations Pad See Ew #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree

I love making everything keto and this Pad See Ew is no exception, in fact it is DEEElicious!

I need to thank Joanne Robinson and Michelle Gae for suggesting it on a Facebook Post, I took on the challenge and I think I have delivered on a really tasty Pad See Ew. <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Best Ever Keto Chicken Nachos #glutenfree #sugarfree #ketoMexican

The Best Ever Keto Chicken Nachos really does live up to its title. A simple delicious and nutritious keto recipe!

I love an easy recipe. One I can quickly toss together (literally) throw into an oven and just wait for it to be ready. This is exactly what this keto chicken nachos dish is. If you are anything like me you will love the simplicity and fresh flavours that Mexican food offers. With a little bit of spice, heat, yummy avocado or guacamole, and a bit of acid what is not to love.

Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Garlic Chicken Pakora #glutenfree #grainfree #Indianketo

A true keto kiev that has been developed with the love of a kiev and the devotion to the keto lifestyle.

After recently been given the mighty task to take on a bit of a famous kiev I decided to create this recipe first.  A true keto kiev that is packed with flavour.  That is what everyone wants right?  A simple recipe, easy to recreate, easy to source ingredients, and fabulously easy cooking method.  Easy and flavoursome is my thing right? <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Naked Keto Chicken Taco

This Naked Chicken Keto Taco is one of the most fabulous looking recipes I have made, in my eyes.  

It not only looks fabulous and tastes amazing but eating Tacos like this is so much better, as it doesn’t crumble and break apart.

Isn’t it just visually stunning? <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

MAd Creations Pork Rind Chicken and Aztec Salad

Mad Creations Pork Rind Chicken Keto Schnitzel…….how AHHH-mazing does that sound?

To me LCHF affords me the ability to really go crazy with the imagination and create some extremely tasty and indulgent food.  Like really yummy indulgence! <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Sticky Vietnamese Keto Chicken Wings

My Sticky Vietnamese Keto Chicken Wings are sooooo good!

If you are like me sometimes you just appreciate an easy meal.  If you are really like me this is every day, lol!  Seriously though these are pretty easy to make and the result is some delicious, sticky, and addictive wings! <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Simple Red Chicken Keto Curry

This Mad Creations Simple Ketogenic Red Curry Chicken is  just a very simple curry.

No bells no whistles, just easy straightforward cooking, that is extremely enjoyable and can be made with ingredients found in most in kitchens

Sometimes I think we over complicate it, and it is nice to be able to just reach for a jar and not have to always make everything from scratch. <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Thrifty Chicken Soup 3 #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree #portrait

I truly think this Thrifty Keto Chicken Soup will quickly become one of my most popular recipes!

This is yet another super easy recipe that has such a depth of flavour.  The chicken is melt in the mouth delicious, the soup slightly smokey, salty and herbaceous, overall a firm winner.  I am not lying at all when I say I eat this and I clean the bowl with my finger (and straight into my mouth).  Its really is that good! <<Click below to read more and view the recipe>>

Mad Creations Cookbooks

Want even more great chicken dinners? Check out our huge range of keto cookbooks in store today. Loads of collections and reduced bundles just for you.


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