The benefits of a keto diet are something that I am thankful for every single day. I have gone from a very overweight, sick and miserable woman to a healthy, focused and happy one.

Following a low-carb diet and benefits do vary for every individual. As I am just a loyal follower and recipe developer I am not going to tell you the health benefits. I would rather give you some helpful links to do some research of your own to make an informed decision.

I have lost an incredible amount of weight while following my own recipes and EF3 Plans and Recipes. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. Read on for links to some of the amazing resources I have used over the years to learn more about the benefits of the keto diet.

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Websites We Love for Resources

  • MEDICALNEWSTODAY – An online resource with plenty of information for you to be more knowledgeable about the benefits of following a low carb diet.
  • DIET DOCTOR – The Diet Doctor website is an amazing resource of information, videos, podcasts and doctors to reach our to too for one on one help.
  • NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE – The National Library of Medicine provides scientific unbiased literature based on tests and research.
  • Mad Creations Hub – of course our website is an exceptional resource for keto cookbooks and low carb recipes. As a low carb follower who loves food the recipes are delicious, fresh, quick and easy.

My Personal Journey

Personally, I found changing to a keto diet made significant and immediate changes in my ability to lose weight.

As a woman in her mid 40s, post menopausal and a long term endometriosis sufferer who could never lose weight I was surprised to lose 3.5kg in my very first week of changing to the keto diet.

I began a low carb lifestyle in late March 2017. Since then I have enjoyed the changes it brought about for me and my personal weight loss.

Recently I began following my two new meal plans, Egg Fast 3.0 and The Megg Fast 3.1 and lost a further 20kgs following these plans.

For me, the biggest benefit of a keto diet is just how I feel without consuming all the extra carbs. You can see the physical changes but the happiness I feel is the biggest benefit the keto diet could ever give me!

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2 responses to “The Benefits of a Keto Diet”

  1. Maree Roberts

    I get so depressed reading about the dramatic weight losses of 2+ kgs per week. I have been following the keto diet for 12 weeks. I’ve lost 8 kg. I am using a freestyle analysis device so I know I’m in ketosis – usually 1.5- 2.5 daily. I also do 16-8 intermittent fasting 5 days out of 7. I find the diet reasonably easy to follow – no cravings etc but am not seeing the results I read about.

    1. Megan Mad Creations Hub

      It is a long game Maree. slow loss and feeling good is the best way to go.

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