Keto Salt n Vinegar Keto Chips

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Before jumping to the recipe please note that the below information contains HOT TIPS for this recipe. We try and answer all your questions to guarantee a perfect keto recipe every time.

Mad Creations Keto Salt n Vinegar Chips, will satisfy any chip fans out there.  While I made these with cucumbers and zucchini, can I just say that seriously these do not taste like vegetables at all.

Deliciously crispy, light and salty with that good hit of white vinegar, these chips do have a tendency to disappear in a very short time.

I think these would also work really well crumbled in salads, or even blitzed and a yummy coating for fried fish or chicken.  Haha! If anyone wants to try that and comment on this thread how they went, I would love that.

Seriously, these are pretty damn good and you could use any seasoning to recreate your favourite “chip”.

Now I know it is not recommended to “snack” while on a Keto lifestyle, I “snack” as a meal, by that I mean some meals may only consist of a little meat, cheese, crackers and olives.  These chips are just perfect for that kind of meal too.

How to make

I have made these chips with a dehydrator, however, you could “cook” in the oven at a very low temperature around 60℃ for 12 hours.  Dehydrators are relatively inexpensive and a great appliance to have.  Personally I have used my  dehydrator  that many times over the years.  It is fabulous for jerky, drying herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, making fruit and yoghurt roll ups for the kinds, even making raw protein bars, yoghurt and so many other great things.  It has been used for countless hours and I have more than got my moneys worth out of it over time

How to store

These chips need to be dried until completely crisp, then left to cool completely.  You can store them in an airtight container for 1-2 weeks.  Should you get any softness in them you can return to the dehydrator or oven to crisp back up, but mine have stayed crispy over this time.

Alternative uses for the seasoning

I have used this seasoning in these Salt and Vinegar Crackers which are just as tasty, easy to make, and are perfect for the lunch box.  It is would also be great to use as a seasoning on Tempura Fish, or even some baked or fried crispy chicken wings.

salt and vinegar crackers on a board

I hope you enjoy these crispy little pieces of deliciousness.  For other great snack ideas please go back to the Home Page to find them

Meg xox


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Keto Salt n Vinegar Chips

Keto Salt and Vinegar Chips

Perfect tasty crispy chips!
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Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 12 hrs
Total Time: 20 hrs 10 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Keto
Keyword: keto salt vinegar chips
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Calories: 9kcal
Author: Megan
Servings: 6 serves
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Salt and Vinegar Seasoning

  • 90 g pink Himalayan salt flakes
  • 45 g white vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum


  • 1 long continental cucumber sliced thinly into rounds
  • 2 long thin zucchinis sliced thinly into rounds
  • 60 g white vinegar or you could use apple cider vinegar


  • In a small bowl mix all seasoning ingredients and then spread out onto a piece of baking paper and allow to dry overnight or use dehydrator to dry out.  (If the seasoning is still wet against the baking paper just peel off and flip over)
  • Marinate your sliced cucumber and zucchini overnight in the vinegar.
  • Either grind your seasoning with a mortar and pestle or give a quick 10 seconds / speed 5 blitz in the Thermomix® to a fine seasoning.
  • In a single layer on dehydrator trays lay out all your marinated chips, then sprinkle liberally with seasoning.  Dry at 55-60℃ for 10 -12 hours until chips are crisped.  (this will depend on your chip thickness)
  • Enjoy!


This seasoning can be used on any vegetable chip or cracker.
If you are worried these will actually taste like zucchini or cucumber let me allay your fears they dont.  They are just a crispy vessel of flavouring that tastes just like the flavouring.  I mean a potato chip doesn't really taste of potato when you think about it.  These just taste more like a thin style chip.


Serving: 1serve | Calories: 9kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Sodium: 5822mg | Potassium: 68mg | Vitamin A: 35IU | Vitamin C: 1.6mg | Calcium: 11mg | Iron: 0.2mg | Net Carbs: 1g
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