Keto Condensed Milk is a great ingredient to know how to make sugar-free. An ingredient that is perfect for many old-fashioned recipes like cheesecake, mayonnaise, or even homemade sugar-free Baileys.
A white ribbed bowl with sugar free condensed milk in it.

Keto Condensed Milk

Keto sweetened Condensed Milk is a very easy recipe and such a versatile ingredient that can be used in so many low carb desserts.

If you were anything like me, there was a fair bit of condensed milk consumption as a kid.  Straight from the can, or making it into caramel and boiling for 3 hours.  Haha!

This low carb condensed milk without sugar is a perfect replacement. To be honest you won’t even know the difference if you use the ingredients listed.

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The Ingredients

Skip down to the recipe card to see the exact measures of ingredients needed to make your own sugar free sweetened condensed milk.

Keto Condensed milk ingredients on a white tiled backdrop.

Keto Condensed Milk is super easy to make at home. It is suitable for a low carb, keto friendly diet. It is both sugar-free and gluten free.

All you need is 3 ingredients

Cream – I use a thickened or heavy whipping cream rather than pure thin cream.

Sweetener – I use xylitol. Allulose will caramelise and turn it into caramel. Other low carb sweeteners will recrystallise e.g. erythritol, monk fruit sweetener.

Butter – I just use regular salted butter.

How to make Sugar Free Condensed Milk

Cream butter and sweetener in a small saucepan with a white spatula.

Step 1. Add the cream, butter, and sweetener to a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil then turn down to a simmer.

caramel in saucepan with whisk

Step 2. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 40-50 minutes until mixture has begun to thicken. Cool and chill. The condensed milk will continue to thicken with chilling time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make dairy free keto condensed milk?

Yes, you can! You can make keto condensed milk with no butter or dairy. Swap thickened cream with coconut cream and leave out butter or add some coconut butter. I find it tastes sweeter than this version but perfect for a dairy free low carb option.

How long will it last in the fridge?

I have kept mine up to 1 month in the fridge. In saying that it does depend on the temperature in the fridge and how often your fridge door is open (hello kiddos).

Can I freeze condensed milk?

Some say yes, I say just keep it in the fridge. It can separate when taken back out of the freezer. It doesn’t freeze solid which makes it perfect for keto condensed milk ice cream and loads of frozen keto dessert recipes.

More Recipes To try

Here are just a few of my personal favourite keto sweet recipes. I will add more recipes using low carb condensed milk just so you have a few up your sleeve.

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A womans hand holding a spoon of sugar free condensed milk above a bowl of it.

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Sugar Free Keto Condensed Milk in a white bowl with a spoon on the top.

Keto Condensed Milk

Keto Condensed Milk is a great ingredient to know how to make sugar-free. An ingredient that is perfect for many old-fashioned recipes like cheesecake, mayonnaise, or even homemade sugar-free Baileys.
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Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 3 minutes
Course: Desserts
Cuisine: Australian Keto, Ketogenic, LCHF
Diet: Diabetic, Gluten Free
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Calories: 228kcal
Author: Megan Ellam
Servings: 9 serves (450ml total)
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  • 450 g (1.9 cups) thickened or heavy cream
  • 140 g (0.75 cups) xylitol or allulose I use Xylitol, SEE NOTES
  • 70 g (5 tbsp) butter cubed



  • Add the ingredients to a small saucepan over medium/high heat.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally, for 40-50 minutes until mixture has begun to thicken. Cool and chill. The condensed milk will continue to thicken with chilling time.


  • Insert whisk attachment. Add ingredients to mixer; cook 60 min/100℃/speed 2/MC off/simmering basket in place on lid. Cool and chill. The condensed milk will continue to thicken with chilling time.


Xylitol is the only sweetener I recommend for this recipe. Why? Erythritol or monk fruit/erythritol blends will crystallise upon cooling. 
I like to use Xylitol Sweet for this recipe. It gives perfectly smooth, crystal-free condensed milk. 
Keto Eats Xylitol will thicken more but is still a good option.
PBco 100% xylitol seems to caramelise and crystallise. I am unsure why this is so, but on repeated tests it does not heat the same way other xylitol brands have shown.
A liquid allulose was also tested and made the condensed milk slightly caramel but soft and would still be perfect to use in any recipe that would lend itself to the caramel flavour.
Allulose will caramelise and turn the condensed milk into caramel.
The condensed milk will be still runny when it is cooked. Remove and chill. After chilling it will thicken slightly and be a perfect sugar-free condensed milk.
To make keto vegan condensed milk, paleo condensed milk, or unsweetened condensed milk (no sugar) and dairy free here are a couple of simple swaps. Swap the thick whipping cream with coconut cream and swap butter with coconut butter or leave out completely.
I have added more FAQs and tips in the post above should you need them. 
The recipe card highlights how easy it is to make sugar free keto condensed milk in the Thermomix. When the timer is up the mixture may still be runny but will thicken in the fridge or as it cools down.
Please note my recommendations of sweeteners.
This recipe yields approximately 2 serves. The actual number of servings will depend on your preferred portion sizes. 
To calculate the weight of one serving, prepare the recipe as instructed. Weigh the finished recipe, then divide the weight of the finished recipe by 2. The result will be the weight of one serving. 
Nutritional values shown are guidelines only. Actual macros may vary slightly depending on the brands and types of ingredients used. 
The recipe card instructions contain the most basic steps and ingredients list. If you have any queries, or quest

Your Own Notes


Serving: 1serve (50ml) | Calories: 228kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 24g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Cholesterol: 85mg | Sodium: 74mg | Potassium: 37mg | Sugar: 0g | Vitamin A: 930IU | Vitamin C: 0.3mg | Calcium: 34mg | Net Carbs: 1g
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78 responses to “Sugar Free Keto Condensed Milk”

  1. Katie

    What ice cream recipe do you put your condensed milk into please?

  2. Sara Ann Landers

    how do i make thick cream never heard of it before plz help

    1. Megan Mad Creations Hub

      Thickened cream is heavy cream

  3. Dale Hoffman

    5 stars
    One of the easiest recipes and then adding it to any no churn ice cream recipe for the creamiest ice creams I have ever eaten. Using it for old fashioned no bake cheesecake next.

  4. Lynda H

    5 stars
    Holy Smoke Megan,
    It’s a millions times better than the can version.
    Loved how easy it was to make.. could r stop licking the bowl and the spatula once it was cooked.
    Can’t wait to use it for some of your beautiful recipes you have on your website ❤️

  5. Lori

    Hi, please add the fact that Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs, a stick of gum sweetened with it can kill a dog

    1. Megan Mad Creations Hub

      Hi Nadia, I will do just that. I no longer use xylitol at all myself for that reason. The recipe was written a few years ago but I do plan to update it over the next couple of days.

  6. shuesler

    I tried this recipe a few days ago with no intention of using it just yet. Wanted to test it out first. I made one with double cream, 45% butterfat, and one with 35% butterfat. Both turned out well. The 35% butterfat tasted sweeter. I have them in the fridge and they are set solid. I am currently using them like a fat bomb☺️
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Jaxy

    Hi Megan. I hope you are doing well.
    I tried this recipe tonight and it looked perfect, but as it started cooling, it started separating. The colour is more caramel like, but tastes like condensed milk. Is there a way to save it? I’m making a healthier version of cheesecake, and can’t afford to buy more ingredients so would really like to save the batch I’ve made. Thanks!*

    1. Megan Mad Creations Hub

      Hey Jaxy, it does sound like you have taken it too far and caramelised and split the milk. Maybe try a small amount with a bit of cream cheese and milk and see how it comes together (if you are using cream cheese in your cheesecake). I am sorry I am not sure how to fix without have a play with it myself.

  8. chelsea sexton

    And if U reduce it more with butter and cocoa you’ll have bridgedaro or Brazillian fudge. I’ve tried other keto recipes curious to give this one a whirl

  9. Nerida

    What have I done wrong? Used exact measurements, did thermomix for the time advised and it has cooled and has set solid? Can it be ‘rescued’ with some more cream or almond milk?

  10. Lynda

    Help! Just making this now and it’s been on for 1.5 minutes and the thermomix is going crazy , bouncing around . What am I doing wrong ?

    1. Megan

      It shouldnt be doing that as it is liquid and only speed at speed 3. There isn’t anything else in the bowl? If anything just turn your speed down, but it should be fine up to sp 4 with the butterfly inserted.

      1. Anonymous

        I thought that it may be the butter hitting the butterfly? That’s what it seems like .

      2. Lynda

        Thanks. I think it was the butter because the heat hadn’t melted it. All good now … I hope 🤞

      3. Megan


  11. Lynda

    I have a TM 31 which only goes up to 100 degrees. Should I cook it for longer?

    1. Megan

      Yes just continue to cook until it thickens Lynda.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you 😊

  12. Anonymous

    I have a TM 31 which only goes up to 100 degrees. Should I put it on for longer?

  13. Vanessa Jacobsen

    Teehee I HAD to try it… now I have a batch.. what do I use it for? Ideas?? Please

  14. Jacquie

    Hi Megan, can I cook this on low on the stovetop?

  15. Raewyn

    Wow now I can make my favourite dressing for salads with this instead of buying the condensed milk

  16. Carol

    Hi Megan – thank you. Can this recipe be turned into caramel for those recipes requiring caramel

    1. Megan

      Yes it can, however it is more when you add Sukrin syrup and butter to make an “old fashioned” style caramel

  17. Prue

    I am very excited by this. Have gone off sugar before and fell off the wagon after a couple of years and am now 3 weeks back on. Just recently (1 week ago!) removed carbs as well to try to lose some weight and improve health. Your recipes look amazing! Can I just ask, I usually use stevia, which weighs a lot less than sugar, but works spoon for spoon, would it still be 140g? I don’t use xylitol just because we have a dog so don’t want to risk it. Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. Lynda W

    5 stars
    I am beyond excited at finding this recipe. Thanks Megan. I will be putting this to good use for some of my pre keto Christmas recipes

    1. Megan

      Awesome Lynda! I want to see your creations!

  19. Kelly

    I’m so sorry to be dissecting the nutritional information on another recipe, but how can 40mL of this be only 4 calories? I’m new to all of this but a bit hesistant to trust the nutritional info on your recipes given the few errors (I think) that I’ve found. Unless I’m calculating things wrong…. Would love a response if you have time. Can’t wait to make this anyway! 🙂

    1. Megan

      Hi Kelly, thanks for commenting. You are correct and the calories have been corrected. I am more than half way through going over each recipe on the site. In the migration from one site to another serving had to be changed to serves and grams/mls in brackets. As this was just in mls it wasnt converting correctly. The calories have now updated to 228kcal per 50g. Thanks for finding this discrepancy

  20. Megan

    5 stars
    Tastes just like the sugared up variety

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