Ultimate Keto Lifestyle PDF Planner Kit

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The Ultimate Keto Lifestyle Planner Kit comes with 21 forms to help you plan and track your keto diet.

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The Ultimate Lifestyle Planner Kit is a great way to track your progress and plan your meals.

What is included in the ultimate keto lifestyle planner?

The Ultimate Keto Lifestyle Planner Kit is a 28 page PDF with full A4 printable pages for you to help track and plan while on a keto diet. 

New Recipes to Try

    • – record new recipes you find on the internet or in magazines etc so you can remember to try them.

Favourite Recipes

    • – we all have a lot of favourite recipes and sometimes even forget about them (a tragedy I know). Record them as your own index to the “Best of Keto”.

Favourite eBook Recipes

    • – record here your favourite eBook recipes/which eBook/page no. I know lots of you often say you forgot about a recipe from our eBooks this way you can have them at a glance.

Shopping Lists

    • – we have added various formats of shopping lists. So pick your favourites. Print off and have handy in the kitchen to add what you need when you notice it.

Grocery Items on Special

    – Never miss another great deal at Aldi etc again. I always forget what is on sale. Add your favourites when browsing though junk mail or online apps.

To Do List

    • – these days we are always busy and it is so hard to remember everything. Get organised and use a “to do”.

Mad Creations eBook checklist

 – I get so many emails from members asking me if they have a certain eBook etc. Look through the list and mark off all the ones you have. With over 40 titles there is a lot.

Freezer Inventory

    • – things get lost and forgotten in a freezer. Clean it out and fill in the list so you know what is in there and when you need to use it by. 

Pantry Inventory

    • – give the pantry a good clean out. Check “best before” dates and organise your pantry. If you update this as you shop it is an extraordinary tool for meal planning and eliminating food wastage.

Fridge Inventory*

    • – give the fridge a good clean out and organise. Record use by dates and organise your meal planning around what needs to be used up now. For a “best before” guide to fresh produce use the link above.

Weekly Menu

    • – whether you are using our meal plans or creating your own you can use these to see your weekly plans. Keep them in your folder and use them to refer back to when looking at your weight loss trackers or measurements tracker to see how your eating habits affect your weight loss or ketones.

Meal Prep Planner

    • – meal prep time can be super tight for some of us. Use the Meal Planner and Prep Planner hand in hand to make your meal prep times more productive and minimise food wastage and time wasted.

Monthly Menu Planner

    – a month at a glance. If you plan well you will know there are some great meals coming up during the month and are more likely to stick to your plan. 

Fitness Tracker

    • – use the tracker if improving your fitness, strength or just mobility daily. Even the smallest amount of exercise can improve your health and well-being.

Goal Tracker

    • – no matter what your goals are this tracker is for you. Whether it is a personal goal, health goal, wealth goal, or career goal. Add all your goals here and revisit weekly, monthly or annually depending on the goal.

Measurements Tracker

    • – if weight loss is a goal I cannot express how much measurements are better than any number on a scale. You may simply be noticing the change in how you feel, move around, less joint problems or how your clothes fit. I know that I have lost over 1 metre of fat from where I measure in my body and that makes me happier than what the scales say. Go and buy yourself a measuring tape.

Weight Loss Tracker

    • – the scales can still motivate and help keep us honest. If you are a weigher then weigh in daily, weekly, monthly whatever is your preference and record your changes. As I mentioned above tape measuring is far more of a “measure” of what is truly going on with your weight loss.

Daily Fitness Planner

    – make your fitness plans and stick to them. Record your increase in strength, stamina and endurance with this tracker.

Combine these trackers with our new Fast Keto Meal Plan and recipes and you be on your way to breaking every weight loss stall.

  • Get our quick link for fridge and freezer produce guide.

3 reviews for Ultimate Keto Lifestyle PDF Planner Kit

  1. Dee Watts (verified owner)

    What an awesome Planner Kit.. I have struggled to get back on Keto , and this little planner is packed with some fantastic guidelines to get you back on track – and help you organize your week… It got me thinking about how much time I was wasting- I now have a fully functioning pantry and freezer ! My Hubby knows exactly what he will be having for dinner and even starts to prepare the evening meals …
    Im a paper person , I dont like the apps so to be able to write down my measurements and track my weight loss in this amazing little planner has made my journey so much easier !

    Love Love Love – very Helpful ! Thankyou !!

  2. Lynda

    This is the best keto planner I have used.
    Thanks for making it easy to stay on track on a daily basis.

  3. Anonymous

    Fantastic keto resource

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