Crazy Good Value eBook Bundle

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An incredibly awesome valued bundle. 5 eBooks by Megan Ellam for only $29.95 at a crazy 76% off! Get your hands on this bundle before it is gone!

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The Crazy Good Value eBook Bundle is SUPER-LIMITED 76% off SALE!
This eBook bundle includes 160+ delicious recipes for the following cookbooks.
Keto Summer eBook
Keto Under 30 eBook
Crazy Good Keto eBook
Fast Keto eBook
Fresh & Fast Keto eBook
All the recipes in the Crazy Good Value eBook Bundle are suited for most dietary lifestyles. First and foremost all my recipes are based on flavour and then created in a way to lower the carbs. No weird ingredients just REAL FOOD!
✅ 160 keto recipes using supermarket ingredients
✅ All recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb and keto-friendly
✅ No “cheffy” skills needed – easy step-by-step instructions
✅ Conventional and thermal cooker methods
✅ Dietary & nutritional information included
✅ Family-friendly and budget-friendly easy recipes
✅ All measurements include a mix of US Customary and metric. A measurement and baking guide is provided in the book.

*Please note all eBooks come with just 7 downloads. Upon receiving your email it is best to download and save to your devices immediately. This can be done in Google Docs, Google Library or iBooks. After you have loaded your files save the email to a special eBook Folder in your mailbox for safe-keeping. If you have any problems with loading your PDF please email me at


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