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Club Keto 365 – is where you can go for REAL Keto and Low Carb meals, meal plans, recipes, and support.



eBooks include:
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Meal Plan Series Vol 1

Meal Plan Series Vol 2

Meal Plan Series Vol 3

Meal Plan Series Vol 4
Meal Plan Series Vol 5
Meal Plan Series Vol 6
Meal Plan Series Vol 7
Meal Plan Series Vol 8
Meal Plan Series Vol 9
*Please note all eBooks come with just 7 downloads. Upon receiving your email it is best to download and save to your devices immediately. This can be done in Google Docs, Google Library or iBooks. After you have loaded your files save the email to a special eBook Folder in your mailbox for safe-keeping. If you have any problems with loading your PDF please email me at megan@madcreationshub.com.

If paying with VISA or PayPal, it is simpler to join direct on the website through the link above.

Joining through Shopify you will be forwarded a coupon and link to register your membership details to have access to all recipes in your membership dashboard, as well all your exclusive content. (You will be required to enter a credit card or PayPal email to login to the website for your first time)
What else do I get

Club Keto 365 – is where you can go for REAL Keto and Low Carb meals, meal plans, recipes, and support.  

Our mission at Club Keto 365 is to provide you with:

Recipes complete with Macros – Macronutrient information provided with ALL recipes including Fat, Carbs and Protein, so you can track easily

Simple Easy Recipe – Recipes create with simple steps using as many easily sourced ingredients from your local supermarkets.

Conventional and Thermomix® methods – Recipes designed with both Thermomix® and conventional recipes.  For all those Thermi owners you can still go Keto and use your Thermomix® EVERY day.  Clear concise recipes that have all been tested in Thermomix.

Real Food Ingredients – A strong focus on “real food” recipes, sustainable eating and tips for better health

Supportive Community Group – A closed FB for paying members only that all work together for support.  We are working to try and set up groups across Australia to meet up and help one another or just talk Keto with someone who understands.

As the Club continues to grow and develop more options and features will be added to 365.  This is one of the only Clubs where the downloads and material you receive is yours to keep.  

I have personally lost 30kgs following my own eating plans and recipes.  I walk the walk! I am not someone who has always been fit and healthy and want to start telling you how to eat to be just like me.  I know the struggles, I know how hard it can be hiding a smile.  The times you go to your wardrobe and nothing fits and you really just dont want to go out and see anyone. But, what I also know is that the ketogenic diet works.  Losing all this weight and being able to buy clothes ANYWHERE that fit and make me feel happy is something amazing.  

It is not only weight loss that this diet changes.  Your happiness, clear mind, skin, attitude, physical and mental well-being all benefit from a keto lifestyle and that is what I am bringing to Club Keto 365.  I am not a doctor or any medical professional, just a woman who wants to help motivate and inspire you to great overall well-being and health.  So join me today @ClubKeto365


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