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It appears I like to make a just a few Sukrin Keto Recipes. lol. 

This sweetener allows you to create many recipes with ease that work 99% of the time.  Low in carbs and calories

For many you, you will find that you are easily able to convert your family favourite recipes with Sukrin Gold.  

The Sukrin syrups can replace honey, golden syrup, maple syrup and glucose syrup in many recipes.  

The Sukrin Gold Sweetener is a perfect replacement for brown sugar with a 1:1 ration swap.

I hope you enjoy the many Sukrin recipes included on the site and coming out soon! 

I will continue to add more Sukrin recipes as I make them.

For the best pack to buy of sweetener, if you get The Bakers Pack that will do you for quite a lot of these recipes and give you a stash for the pantry for later.

You will find many Sukrin keto recipes on the site and between the pages of my keto cookbooks

If you would like even more recipes then check out our cookbook library in store today.

Happy Cooking!

a stack of pecan bars on a grey background
Keto Chocolate Pecan Bars
Oh my goodness! These Keto Chocolate Pecan Bars are seriously too good! Perfectly sweet, salty, and delicious. Great for the lunch box, and for when you need a little something sweet without the guilt.
Check out this recipe
Sugar Free Jupiter Bar on brown and white plate
Sugar Free Jupiter Bar
A delicious low carb sugar free keto Jupiter Bar. A tasty caramel nut bar that is slightly crunchy, salty and damn good.
Check out this recipe
Keto Caramel Nut Chew Bars on a white platter
Keto Caramel Nut Chew Bar
A favourite mix of all the sugar free things I like most. Surprisingly quick and easy to prepare. Great for the lunch box or when you feel the need for a sweet something!
Check out this recipe
Lemon Bars with cream and raspberry
Keto Lemon Bars | Low Carb and Sugar Free
Tangy and delicious! This super easy recipe will treat you well and also is great for entertaining. The zesty lemon filling on top of a keto shortbread is perfection!
Pecan Pie Bars on a black plate on a white background
Keto Pecan Pie Bars
My Keto Pecan Pie Bars is a delicious naturally sweetened no sugar dessert. Made into a bar rather than a pie makes it perfect from the dessert plate to the lunchbox. A fabulous recipe for all occasions that is also suitable for the freezer.
Check out this recipe
white chocolate snicker bars scattered on a wood background
White Chocolate Keto Snickers Bar
This protein bar is delicious on every level. Not for the weak who might over indulge but a perfect treat for the impending festive season.
Check out this recipe
mars bars on green plate
The Keto From-Mars Bar
This was such an easy recipe for me to create. It is totally delicious and seriously tastes just like the real thing…. well at least to someone who wasn’t a big consumer. I hope you love this recipe.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Vanilla Nougat Keto Protein Bars #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree #portrait
Vanilla Nougat Keto Protein Bar – Smart Bar style
Be prepared to fall in love with these Vanilla Nougat Keto Protein Bars. So good!
Check out this recipe
a stack of protein bars on a wire cooling rack
Butter Caramel Nougat Keto Protein Bars
These are so delicious!  A tasty sugar free sweet treat.
Check out this recipe
walnuts bars on baking paper
Walnut Cinnamon Bun Keto Protein Bars
These Walnut Cinnamon Bun Keto Protein Bars taste just like a cinnamon bar met a caramel slice. These are delicious and a great hit of protein and satisfy even the biggest sweet craving without being overtly sweet.
Check out this recipe

Sukrin Keto Cake Recipes

Sukrin Melis is the perfect frosting sweetener. It doesn’t have that cooling affect and is zero carb and zero calorie.

Full naked style carrot cake on plate.
Keto Carrot Cake with Maple Cinnamon Buttercream
My Keto Carrot Cake is so damn good! This is the entertaining version with a triple layer. Oh and that buttercream…… it is so good I could eat it with a spoon!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Keto Vanilla Cake on white table
Keto Vanilla Cake
A super simple yet delicious keto vanilla cake. This recipe was created to be used as a base recipe for any kind of low carb cake. Whether you want mudcake, lemon cake, carrot cake and more this recipe can be very simply changed to be enjoyed in many different versions.
Check out this recipe
Slice of cheesecake on a white plate
Keto Juniors Cheesecake – Layered Lamington
Taking influence from the Keto Juniors Cheesecake range and a good old Aussie Lamington this cake has come to life. And boys and girls it is amaze balls!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Basque Cheesecake #grainfree #Thermomix #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #glutenfree #GF #Sugarfree
Keto Caramel Basque Cheesecake Slice – LCHF
Basque Cheesecake is all the rage so why not make it into an easy slice recipe
Check out this recipe
The BEST New York Keto Cheesecake recipe you will ever try. Only 4g net carbs and super creamy and delicious! #ketorecipes #lowcarbrecipes #sugarfreerecipes #sugarfreedesserts #ketocheesecake
Keto Cheesecake – Baked New York
This super simple New York Keto Cheesecake recipe is set to BLOW your mind! This guilt-free dessert is easy to make, low carb, sugar-free & absolutely delicious!
Check out this recipe
Keto chocolate cake cheesecake slice being lifted out
Chocolate Cake Cheesecake
This Keto Chocolate Cake Cheesecake recipe is for all of us who can't decide between a cake or a cheesecake. So why not have both!
Check out this recipe

Keto Pie Recipes

lemon meringue pie on marble countertop
Keto Lemon Meringue Pie
Making a keto lemon meringue pie is so much easier than you think. And so damn tasty!
Check out this recipe
chocolate pie on a white cakes stand
Keto French Silk Pie (Chocolate Pie)
A touch of decadence and deliciousness this Keto French Silk Pie is the perfect entertaining dessert. Beautiful, indulgent and keto perfect!
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Bavarian Pie on a plate
Keto Chocolate Bavarian Pie.
This Keto Chocolate Bavarian Pie is so deliciously easy and will be a firm family favourite. No one will ever guess that this pie is sugar free. Rich but light and such a simple recipe. Dave and I have really enjoyed this pie and I now have a big stash for the freezer.
Check out this recipe
Keto Cookbooks & Ebooks
creme caramel
Sugar Free Keto Creme Caramel
Deliciously delicate this keto creme caramel is perfectly sweetened with a delicious caramel sauce.
Check out this recipe
ice cream scoop in a bowl of ice cream
Fat Ice – Creamy Keto Ice Cream
Deliciously creamy and super easy to make. This is a fabulous recipe!
Check out this recipe
chocolate caramel tarts on green wood and black plate
Keto Chocolate Caramel Tarts | Bite Size
I was totally in the mood to make a new version of my very popular Chocolate Caramel Slice. I wanted two things done differently. Firstly I wanted a mini tart version. Secondly, I wanted to create a recipe that everyone could make with most kinds of sweetener. I am happy to say this recipe is a raging success and the taste is soooo good!
Check out this recipe
Keto Caramel Custard Donuts
Keto Caramel Custard Donuts
This recipe is even better than it looks the donuts are fudgy yet oh so light. The custard a hit out of the ball park. Ahhh mazing!
keto sesame snaps on a wood backdrop
Keto Butter Toffee Sesame Snaps
Nothing like doing two versions of a Keto Butter Toffee Sesame Snaps recipe. All the more ways to enjoy.
Check out this recipe
Coffee Fat Bombs on a brown plate
Coffee Fat Bombs
You are just going to love our Tiramisu Coffee Fat Bombs. I was having a play in the kitchen for something new and sweet to have when I felt the need and these little keto bites are just perfect.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Chocolate Keto Caramel Slice
Chocolate Caramel SLice
All kinds of deliciousness going on in this recipe.
Check out this recipe
dessert grazing board with berries and pavlovas
Keto Pavlova Dessert Grazing Platter
Learn how easy it is to create your very own Keto Pavlova Dessert Grazing Platter! A super simple but visually stunning Keto dessert that is a winner for entertaining guests.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova with fruit and cream
Sugar Free Keto Pavlova
For many Australians there would not be Christmas without a pavlova. For keto followers we needed a great sugar free one and here it is!
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Cookies
Sugar Free Keto Anzac Biscuits
These sugar-free Keto Anzac Biscuits are so good. While we cannot enjoy the original in honour of our ANZACs we can make these to pay homage.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations Keto Iced Vovo Biscuit - sugar free recipe
Keto Iced Vovo Biscuit recipe
Iced vovos were a very popular “fancy” biscuit in my childhood and have stood the test of time and are still a popular biscuit today and very popular recipe to make at home. This is my sugar free keto version.
Check out this recipe
Keto Monte Carlo Cookies stacked in a pyramid shape
Keto Monte Carlo Cookie – Sugar Free Sandwich Cookie
Our Keto Monte Carlo Cookies are truly the best! These mini sugar free cookies will soon be your favourite too I am sure of that!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate fudge in a tray
Easy Keto Chocolate Fudge
A recipe for easy keto chocolate fudge that is truly quick and simple to make. Get the most perfect smooth textured fudge with a minimum of fuss.
Check out this recipe
Mad Creations White Chocolate Fudge
White Chocolate Keto Fudge
Deliciously sweet smooth white chocolate keto fudge.
Check out this recipe
Keto Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce in a white jug
Keto Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce | The ABSOLUTE best!
This Keto Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce is one of the best dessert sauces I have ever tasted. I swear! Pour some warm over a bowl of my delicious Macadamia Ice Cream and I am in heaven. Thick, rich, not too sweet and just overall keto decadence.
Check out this recipe
Loaf of keto banana bread
Keto Banana Bread
A delicious version of Keto Banana Bread. I may be a little controversial with this recipe but I am providing options to satisfy all keto needs.
Check out this recipe


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