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Keto Recipe Cookbook Collection

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This has got to be Australia’s largest keto collection of cookbooks by any one author…. Do you know anyone with more?

To make it easier for everyone to find what is in each of the cookbooks and be able to make an easier purchase selection I thought I would put together this post with a bit about each one.  I hope this makes your choice easier.

Today, January 13th 2019, I thought it was time to do a little update on the selection of books available in store. 

Everyday I have questions about each one and this makes it just a little easier for you to have a quick over view of what is what. 

Apart from all the individual books you will also find some great offer bundles. 

I want to be known for always offering value. I value my products, especially my most recent work very highly, but I make it my mission to offer value with every product or bundle. Between the covers of these books is 1000 fantastic recipes plus over 490 on the Mad Creations Hub. What an incredible collection of recipes produced in such a short time.

Many of you would also know that I offer a paid members section on the website, The 365. 

Complete with exclusive content, meal plans, members offers, FB Group, support, the 365 is great value for Keto followers of all levels. 

Currently the 365 comes with 21 eBooks of the most incredible Meal Plan Series eBooks included with it.

Hard copy titles that are still available on limited stock supply are:

The Healthy Family Keto Cookbook

Lunch Time Keto

Keto Eats


Hard copies come with

* immediate eBook download

* full colour photography

* professional layout

* easy step by step instructions

* Thermomix® and conventional recipes (Flavour & RFRF do contain some recipes that are only TMX instructions but are easily converted)

* Perfect bound in either a high gloss or silk matt finish

Exclusively digital titles include

* Keto Summer

* Fast Keto

* Crazy Good Keto eBook

* Keto Comfort Food

* Aussie Icons

* Keto Bread eBook

* Real Food Real Fast

* Flavour

* Fresh & Easy Keto

* Simply Keto

* Fan Faves

* Salut

* Amour

* Fast & Fresh

* Mad Christmas

* Ketobudget

* Keto Egg Fast

* Keto Crackers

* The Ultimate Keto for Beginners

* Sexy in Seven (not keto)

If you do have any questions regarding any of the cookbooks please contact me via the contact form below.

Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Keto Eats Cookbook
Mad Creations Cookbook Collections Keto Eats Index
keto breads sliced on blue background
Mad Creations Chocolate Caramel Nougat
Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Garlic Chicken Pakora #glutenfree #grainfree #Indianketo
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Collection Satay Chicken
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Collection San Choy Bao

Keto Eats was a labour of love that took many months of planning and creating. Originally planned in December 2017 this book to me is the most exciting keto cookbook on the market. The whole idea of this book was to make a keto cookbook that was not only FULL of recipes (100+) it had to be great recipes that everyone would actually cook. It had to be visually stunning. A book that was great for the kitchen bench and great as a coffee table book that you just love flicking through. I wanted to create a book worthy of being published and that could be found in bookstores next to some of Australia’s top selling cookbook authors.

As with all my books and eBooks this book is 100% Australian made and contributed. I of course do all the writing, development and photography, but we also support Aussie designers, editors, printers, binders, artists and artisans and of course a great testing team where EVERY recipe was triple tested (at least) to ensure we had a book worthy of sale.

I hope you buy this book in digital or hard copy and enjoy the recipes in this book every week. Trust me you will find a host of recipes in this book that you will love and want to make regularly.

Mad Creations Fresh & Easy Keto
Mad Creations Sugar Free Pavlova #christmaswreath
Mad Creations Best Keto Bread recipes Hemp Share Bread#glutenfree #sugarfree #keto
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Collection San Choy Bao
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Collection Granola
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Chilli Spice Trail Mix

Fresh & Easy Keto was not a planned publication at all. I was working on Keto Eats and I was like OH MY GOODNESS I have come up with an idea I just have to try and pull off!

The idea…. a digital Christmas Advent Calendar. The concept was to get a daily recipe starting December 1st and go all the way through to Dec 20th with a recipe emailed each day and then on Christmas Day send the eBook down “the digital chimney” to everyone who had purchased it.

Well the whole thing was an enormous success! I ended up sending out the link to the eBook a little earlier as I had everyone chomping at the bit for the eBook to make the recipes or prepare themselves for Christmas. 

Firstly I want to say this is far from a Christmas recipe book. It recipes that you will want to make regularly especially my biggest standout the Hemp Share Bread. A bread that is intended to “tear and share” with the family. You know to basically “break bread” with someone and share a meal. To say this recipe has become a huge success is not even cutting the surface. Ironically the recipe was first made by me 12 months ago when hemp first became legal in Australia and I was just screwing around with recipes. It just took me a while to finally put it somewhere and this book and timing of the year was just perfect.

This eBook has 42 amazing recipes from Southwest Aioli with Broccoli Salad, a smashing baked brie, and a perfectly roasted chicken (with stuffing) and a keto gravy that will truly blow your mind how perfect it is.

Fresh & Easy Keto eBook is friggin awesome!

Mad Creations Simply Keto eBook
Mad Creations Simply Keto eBook
Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Red Velvet Cheesecake Keto Waffles
Keto Fish Fingers #lowcarb #ketorecipes
Mad Creations Keto Basque Cheesecake Slice #ketodesserts #ketodiet
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Choc Nut Crunch
Mad Creations Sticky Asian Ribs #ketorecipe

Simply Keto is a compilation of some of my best recipes and some never seen on any of my airspace or even social media. 

I would say this book has a stronger Asian influence and definitely includes some of everyone’s favourite foods made keto.

A beautiful clear and easy format to follow and read.

Simply Keto is also a meant to be simple in it’s recipes too.

Real Food Real Fast book cover
Real Food Real Fast contents list
Real Food real Fast Meal Plan
RFRF 7-Day Meal Plan
Mad Creations Naked Keto Chicken Taco
Naked Chicken Taco
Real Food Real Fast Salted Caramel No-Grainola Bars
Salted Caramel Bars
Mad Creations Hamwich recipe with cheeseburger cream cheese #ketodiet #glutenfree
Real Food Real Fast Salmon and Zoodles
Salmon & Zoodles
Mad Creations Baja Chicken salad #ketosalad #lowcarb
Baja Chicken

My very first book complete with 7-Day Meal Plan.  While creating this book I lost over 15 kilos eating these recipes on this meal plan.  

Real Food Real Fast as a hard copy has now sold out. This book has some of my most famous recipes to date.

Beautifully photographed and one of my favourite Mad Creations books.

Mad Creations Cookbook Flavour
Flavour Cookbook
Mad Creations Minestrone Soup recipe Flavour Cookbook
Minestrone Soup
Steamed Keto Cheesecake
Steamed Cheesecake Pops
Chicken Keto Lasagne
Chicken & Broccoli Lasagne
Avocado Keto Fries
Avocado Fries
Mad Creations Flavour cookbook Spanish Hotpot #keto #Thermomixketo
Spanish Hotpot
Portabello Cheeseburger recipe #keto #lowcarb
Portabello Cheeseburger

Flavour was my second book created in the middle of winter 2017.  It is filled with possibly the best recipe collection in one book.  

This is of course my opinion but many of the recipes are show stoppers!  The Minestrone Soup is such a tasty combination that every tester had it on a regular rotation.  

When you have access to a lot of new recipes, repeating one means that you really love it.  To purchase your copy of Flavour click the button below

Savour Keto low carb digital cookbook cover
Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Savour #contents #ketocookbook
Keto Pantry Essentials Chia in a pudding
Chia Rainbow
Keto Quesadillas #keto #lowcarb
Chicken Quesadillas
Keto Fish Fingers #lowcarb #ketorecipes
Fat Fish Fingers
Macadamia Crusted Lamb Racks #keto #lowcarblamb
Macadamia Crusted Lamb
Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Red Velvet Cheesecake Keto Waffles
Red Velvet Waffles
Pumpkin & Persian Feta Salad #ketosalad
Pumpkin & Persian Feta Salad

This was a cookbook designed to be stunning in every way.  I worked very hard to create a beautiful book that had a very clear vision.  

Very organic and gorgeous right down to the silk matte finish of the cover and pages.  

Filled with recipes in both Thermomix® and conventional cooking methods with a deliciously “fresh” feel to the recipes and book.

Mad Creations Salut eBook cover
Salut Recipe Index
Mad Creations Keto Berry Fizzle Low Carb Smoothie
Mad Creations New York Cheesecake Frappe
Mad Creations Turkish Apple Donuts
Mad Creations Irish Coffee keto
Freak Shake
Mad Creations Strawberries & Cream Protein Shake

My very first exclusively digital eBook.  It had to be a drink book!  Why?  Because I constantly see keto followers saying they are bored with water, tea or coffee.  

Super easy all these drinks can be made at home and enjoyed as part of your meal plan.

Mad Creations Amour French Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake
Mad Creations Amour Recipe Index
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mad Creations Devonshire Tea Amour eBook
Devonshire Tea
Gourmet Marshmallows
Mad Creations Cinnamon Spiced Baked Keto Donut stack on a plate
Spiced Donuts
Mad Creations Wagon Wheel Keto Donuts
Wagon Wheel Donuts
Chocolate Truffles

A book completely devoted to the keto desserts of everyone’s dreams.  From ice creams, to donuts, mousse and devonshire tea.  

This is a book that has been loved by thousands.

Fast & Fresh Keto eBook cover
Mad Creations Fast & Fresh ebook Contents
Mad Creations 5 Everday Tips
Mad Creations Steak Keto Fajitas
Steak Fajitas
Mad Creations Lemon Bountee Bites - Keto Chocolates
Lemon Bountee Bites
Mad Creations Chocolate Nemesis Mousse Cake
Chocolate nemesis
Chicken Dumplings
Mad Creations Crispy Baked Keto Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken

Fast & Fresh a fabulous collection of easy and tasty dishes that everyone can enjoy any time of the year.

Mad Creations Mad Christmas eBook cover
MAd Christmas eBooks Contents
Mad Creations Tiramisu
Tiramisu Sponge Cake
Limoncello Calippos
Beef Fillet with Eggplant Dip
Herbed Beef Fillet
Mad CReations Carrot Cake Keto Muffins #keto
Carrot Cake Muffins
Keto Prawn Cocktail
Mexican Prawn Cocktail
Mad Christmas Hney Jumble Body Scrub
Honey Jumble Body Scrub

While it may have Christmas in the title these recipes are suitable for all year round.  

Easy tasty or extremely versatile.  Check them out and you decide.


Mad Creations Keto Budget book
Mad Creations Ketobudget eBook Recipe Index
Mad Creations Low Carb Crunchy Keto Cereal
Keto cereal
Mad Creations Keto Tuna Casserole with Salty Bacon & Cheese
Tuna Mornay
Chicken Schnitz Stack
Zucchini & Haloumi Hash
Keto Budget Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Keto Budget red Beef Lasagne #ketomeals
Red Beef Lasagne

Ketobudget was such a popular book we did a very limited sell out run of hard copies.  

It was fabulous to see that a book born of cheap and easy recipes, selected by YOU, to be as popular as it was.  

Ketobudget includes some amazingly tasty recipes that of course suit every budget!

Mad Creations Keto 5 Day Egg Fast ebook cover
Mad Creations Egg Fast Recipe Indea
Mad Creations Egg Fast Recipe Index
Contents Part 2
Pizza Pie
Pizza Pie
Mad Creations Eggfast eBook Pizza Pie #ketodiet #eggfast
Haloumi Omelette
Mad Creations Eggfast Waffle #keto #eggfast
Jalapeno Waffles
Mad Creations Gingerbread Crepe #eggfast #keto
Gingerbread Crepes
Fried Eggs
Fried Chilli Eggs

Earlier this year (2018) I thought I would test out the Egg Fast.  

While on the egg fast I created 2 full 5-Day meal plans complete with delicious recipes mostly containing only eggs and butter.  

I lost 2.8kg on each of the meal plans I followed with these recipes

Mad Creations Keto Cracker and Cookies eBook #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketocrackers Breakfast Cookie with yoghurt and berries
Mad Creations Keto Crackers Book
Mad Creations Spicy Salsa Keto Crackers
Salty Salsa Crackers
Mad CreationsTurmeric Keto Crackers
Turmeric Crackers
Mad Creations Ginger and White Chocolate Snap Cookies
White Chocolate Ginger Snaps
crackers on a cooling rack
Crispy Almond Crackers
Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Cookies
Anzac Biscuits
Mad Creations Golden Spinach Keto dip
Avocado Crackers

I absolutely loved putting together this fabulous compilation of all my favourites crackers and a host of new ones.  So many delicious very low carb varieties to enjoy everyday

Our BEST SELLING Keto for Beginners complete with Meal Plan.  

If you do not know where to start and need more information, great recipes, and a meal plan, then this is where to begin.  

Great value, great recipes, and many of your questions addressed.


The Ultimate Keto For Beginners eBook cover

A follow up to Keto for Beginners with more questions addressed, another Meal Plan, shopping list and fantastic family friendly recipes

Mad Creations Books

So if you can’t decide and want the lot then use the link below to view all the books in the store and add to cart.  I work very hard to create fabulous recipes that the whole family can enjoy Keto or not.  

If you have purchased any of the books or have joined us at 365 thank you so much for supporting my little business.  I am so thankful every day for the support that affords me to do what I truly love.

Thank you

xo Meg

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    I find myself trying to decide which if my absolute favourite book… it I just can’t stick to one! They are all packed with delicious and easy meals!

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