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5 Day Egg Fast – Breaking a stall

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What is a 5 Day Egg Fast?

Basically for the 5 day Egg Fast you are only eating eggs, butter and cheese.  You can have small amounts of low carb condiments, herbs and spices, and a little sweetener.  Oh and don’t forget the coffee!

The “rules” are simple, and I have no idea who created those rules but here is the basic gist of it.

Eat 14g (1 Tbsp) butter, MCT or coconut oil per egg

Eat up to 28g cheese per egg (cheeses full fat and low carb) 

Eat within first hour of waking (I dont as I wake early and then it would be too many meals in a day for me)

Eat a minimum of 6 eggs per day

Eggs are your primary source of fat and protein

Don’t eat later than 3 hours before bed

No alcohol or soft drinks (well at least they are my rules)

You can drink coffee or tea with no milk or cream

Seasonings under 1 gram carbs are allowed

I use a minimum of sweetener (0 carb) flavours, and jalapenos and flavoured salts and peppers for seasoning.

Last time I did an egg fast it was after I hadn’t lost any weight in about 6-8 weeks. 

 Admittedly my fasting isn’t quite as long anymore now that I am testing more recipes and working full-time on recipe development. 

Here is a little about what I ate, on my 5 day egg fast, not necessarily the recipes but how much I ate each day and lost each day.  It has been taken from my thread on FB.

tray of eggs on bakking tray

I am actually excited to be starting yet another 5 day Egg Fast today and Dave is even joining me this time.  

So with 2 of us doing this I have to ensure I am a lot more organised as I have to think of what can go in the lunchbox to keep Dave’s energy levels up at work.

Last time I did this I had great results but I did just shoot recipes off the top of my head as it was mostly only me eating them so it didn’t matter so much.  

Mind you I still ate waffles, crepes, pasta, cheesecake, scrambles, custard and even had ice cream all within egg fast guidelines.

I am going to post a few recipes up to help you out if you are going to jump on and give it a go.  

However, I am also going to produce an eBook for those who love to have everything in one spot and downloadable and a printable meal planner as well.

Plus a tracker to help you monitor your progress and weight and measurements



Mad Creations Egg Fast
Mad Creations Egg Fast
Mad Creations Brie Egg Fast Waffles
Mad Creations Egg Fast Crepes
Mad Creations Fried Eggs EGg Fast


So Day 1 has been completed. In that day I consumed
8 eggs
110g butter
130g cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella and brie)
3 pieces pickled jalapenos
1 tsp fresh parsley
1 tsp cinnamon
1 short black coffee
3 litres water

WEIGHT LOST Day 1 – 1 kilogram
8 eggs
110g butter
200g cheese (cream cheese, haloumi, mozzarella and parmesan)
5g jalapenos
1 short black coffee
4 litres water

WEIGHT LOST Day 2 – 400g
Day 3
7 eggs
90g butter
120g cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella, feta)
1/2 green onion
1 pickled jalapeno (sugar free)
1 short black
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp garlic powder, onion powder, pink Himalayan salt, chilli pepper seasoning (megs recipe)

WEIGHT LOST Day 3 – 800g
Day 4
7 eggs
90g butter
1 pickled jalapaeno
100g cheese (cream cheese, tasty cheese, feta)
Salt and pepper
Lemon zest (minuscule)

Day 5
7 eggs
90g butter
80g cheese
1 pickled jalapeno
lemon zest


So I did yet another 5 day egg fast to see how I would go a second time round and finalise some recipes for the eBook. and I lost the same amount of weight again, 2.8kg in the 5 days.  

This time round so close to the other 5 day fast I wont lie and say it was less of a novelty, but the recipes were still good.

If you are considering testing out an egg fast I now have available an Egg recipe eBook loaded with everything from tacos, to spring roll wrappers, cheesecake, waffles, curd…. available now to purchase here

Egg Fast Coffee Custard

I would say that the 5 Day Egg Fast is a success! I broke a 6-8 week stall of only going up and back in weight. 

From this exercise I will incorporate a regular 3 days of egg fasting into my weeks, as I feel great and actually enjoy it (and the weight loss)

Since starting a ketogenic diet I have lost an incredible 96.5cm of fat from the areas that I measure. That is nearly 1 meter in FAT. Wow! I think that is incredible. 

The most being from the waist (23cm) and the bust (19cm). Following the egg fast I should have done measurements before I started as both Dave and I believe the fat lost was belly fat. I

 can notice a definite flatness to my belly now and the boobs (reduced sized boobs that is) actually stick out further than my belly does. 

I came up with some pretty awesome recipes to eat, that I will continue to make egg fast or not.

2.8kgs in 5 days doesn’t sound like a lot to me, but then I realise I probably haven’t lost this amount or more since I started 11 months ago. S

o it is a big win for me. I am sure if I did it without cheese there may have been more lost, but who knows.  Eggs on their own with butter would have done my head in.


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2 responses to “5 Day Egg Fast – Breaking a stall”

  1. Dominique carter says:

    That’s excellent,I only lasted a couple of days, in the pass too many eggs made me sick and I love eggs. Are your waffles chaffles ,I eat a few of those they’re only egg and cheese. Thank you so much for accepting me in your group love it. I just got a Thermo for Xmas a Kogan one so very cheap but seems to do fine still trying to learn,will try your pav today,wish me luck.

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