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Best Keto Bread Recipes | LCHF

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With so many bread recipes on the site which one’s do you choose to add to your best keto bread recipes? 

Just like the rows at the supermarkets of every different kind of bread I have tried my best at making many varieties that allow you to find your favourites.

Keto bread can come in all kinds of shapes, taste and styles. 

I hope you enjoy this little collection I have put together before I trial some new ones to add to the website over the coming weeks and months.

Mad Creations Best Keto Bread Recipe #ketobread #ketodiet #glutenfree

Aptly titled the Best Keto Bread this recipe despite having a lot of eggs does not taste eggy at all. 

The eggs and use of Bob’s Red Mill baking powder add a great leavening to the bread. 

This bread is great for sandwiches and also has a nice toast texture


Mad Creations Keto Bread #glutenfree #ketobread #grainfree #zucchinibread

The Daily Keto Bread leads the charge on the Mad Creations site as the most popular bread.  A super soft bread loaf with great “crumb” it uses zucchini as additional moisture and egg replacement. 

Make with the mixed herbs or without. 

This bread works well as a loaf and as muffins or even cooked in a pie maker.

Mad Creations Cauliflower Wraps #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree #ketowraps #ketobread #healthyeats

These Cauliflower Wraps are easily one of the best keto wraps to cook. They are super soft, flexible and simple to make.

Click the link to watch the video of how these expand and can even be cooked on a Roti Maker. Use them as wraps, lasagne sheets, pasta, or naan. A super versatile and non-cauliflower tasting bread.

Mad Creations Keto Bagels

Oh how I love bagels…. Enjoy your bagels plain or add your favourite flavours to your bagel mix. Personally I am a massive fan of goat cheese and jalapeno bagels.

Use the same dough for scrolls as well. So easy and ready in no time

Mad Creations Daily Keto Pumpkin Bread #ketobread #perfectloaf #glutenfree

Pumpkin Daily Bread with an option for a crumbly topping this recipe is a winner.

If you want something to replace fruit toast or use in your bread and butter pudding choose this recipe.

Mad Creations Keto Soul Bread #glutenfree #grainfree #ketosoulbread

Want delicious soft buttery white keto bread? Then Good for the Soul Bread is your go to bread.

Great on toasties and a delicious soft buttery texture to the bread.

Mad Creations Best Keto Bread recipes Hemp Share Bread#glutenfree #sugarfree #keto

The Hemp Share Bread is an old recipe of mine but new to the eBook Fresh & Easy Keto. It has proven to be a VERY POPULAR bread with everyone that has the eBook.

I developed this bread when Hemp was first legalised in Australia last year. This is great alternative to naan, plus you can use it for wraps, pizzas, dips a quick sandwich and so much more. The idea of the bread is to tear and share.

Mad Creations Best Keto Breads Hemp Seedy Bread

Hemp Seedy Paleo/Keto Bread is another winning seeded bread in my opinion.

Very much like a Bergen bread but without the grains. This bread has a delicious taste and texture.

Mad Creations Best keto Bread Soft Tacos

Simple Soft Keto Tacos is one of my very regular recipes. I find this extremely versatile and they are so simple to make.

Definitely don’t under-estimate how amazing these are. Also suited to the kids lunchboxes and good for sensitive tummies. 

Cauliflower cheese and bacon buns stacked

These Cauliflower and Bacon Cheese Buns are always getting their fair share of attention and praise. One of our Top 10 recipes on the website even the most hesitant of cauliflower lovers will love these buns.

Easy to make. Can be frozen. Use as toast, a crumpet, a burger bun, or a snack. They are delicious!

keto breads sliced on blue background

A trio of breads from Keto Eats. These breads are sensational! Including Cinnamon and Walnut Bread, Chocolate Cacao Bread and Multi Seed Hightop they are all MASSIVE winners!

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of my new book Keto Eats you can do so below.

Mad Creations Keto Burger The Clubhouse Burger

Where it all started with the Cauliflower Bun original. The Big Sexy Burger got a makeover and these buns are a fabulous bread alternative to a delicious burger.

I have done the direct link to the burger recipe but the bun link is within the recipe.

These are also fabulous spread with a little butter and Vegemite or for grilled tomato and cheese fingers.

Low Carb Bread on blue backing

I have a new favourite low carb bread recipe and it is by far this one! It is so like the real thing it is just not funny!

Let’s start by addressing that this bread does contain gluten. So for those of you who cannot tolerate it or choose not to consume any gluten this keto recipe is totally out for you. 

Banana bread loaf with 2 slices cut

Keto Banana Bread that is sugar free, grain free and seriously tasty? That would be a yeah baby!

With a couple of variations on a traditional banana bread recipe, this loaf is aimed to please those of you missing this treat pre-keto.

Chocolate cacao bread sliced

My Chocolate Cacao Keto Bread is going to rock your world. Gluten and grain free this bread is super easy to make and perfect every single time I make it.

Originally featured in my best selling book Keto Eats, this bread was a winner from the moment I created it. I wanted to have a sweet grain free bread recipe that would be a great alternative to a fruit toast. I know a lot of keto diet followers miss their raisin toasts and the like for breakfast so it was an idea rattling around in my head.

Sliced sweet keto bread dusted in sweetener

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Mad Creations Cookbooks

Check out the contents list of our keto cookbooks for more bread recipes and more!

Recipes to suit a low carb lifestyle and the ketogenic diet.

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  1. Joy says:

    Thank you my dear…. I’ve tried to understand how I get to read the bread recipes on your website, yet couldn’t find them…
    I’ve missed out on lots everywhere because of this modern way with sites nowadays to make them look … I don’t know… all I know is a soft font on any colour background leaves me with no way other than give up on the site….. and it’s not just me, I hear so many people say the same…Bless you, J💜Y

    • Megan says:

      Hi Joy, you just click the button under each image for the recipe. I am not sure what you are saying about coloured background and soft font. I have the text on all recipes on white background with black text.

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